Helmuth, Speaking for Boskone Issue 4, Sun morning


Art Show Awards!

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Banquet Awards!

The Italian buffet was quickly devoured, and the Awards ceremony began with Bob Eggleton presenting the Gaughan Award on the 10th anniversary of his winning it. This was followed by Bonnie and Ted Atwood (dressed stunningly with the help of the Ladies' Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society) presenting gifts to their guests. Next, Nomi and Michael A. Burstein presented the Short Story Contest winners, chosen from 79 entries. Gay Ellen Dennett, NESFA President, presented the Fellowship certificates, and then Hal Clement presented the Skylark Award, with acceptor Bruce Pelz telling Jane Yolen's traditional story. This was followed by Sweet Salvage Rivets, written by Mark Keller and Sue Anderson, and performed by Dr. Anthony Lewis, Larry Seiler, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Ann Broomhead, Tim Szczesuil, Craig Shaw Gardner, Joe Mayhew, Bruce Pelz, and Michael A. Burstein (as The Beaver). And the Award winners were:

Boskone 36

Get your memberships now for Boskone 36, featuring guests Connie Willis, Teddy Harvia and Diane Thayer--at con, only $32 at NESFA Sales in the Dealers' Room.

SFFWA Charity Auction

Today at noon, there will be a charity auction for the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association, featuring proofs, rare books, and lots of Neat Stuff . It will be followed by the Art Auction (at about 1:15), then the Regency Soiree (at 2:30). Please feel free to get rid of that dirty green stuff in your pockets, then dance to show your delight.


Art Show Sales begin at 1:30pm, not 2:30 as reported in the last issue. "You made up the signs!" grumped Director Mark Hertel to Helmuth editor Lisa Hertel.

Eggleton Fans Rejoice

A new shipment of Bob Eggleton "Squeeze Me--Squeeze U" dolls has arrived, and they are available in room 777 for a nominal fee. Dolls have random sayings, such as "Look at my hair!", "Godzilla Rules!", and "You want it when?" (per Wanker Productions--Jay Kingston, President)

Bless El Niño

Today's weather forecast: Sunny, highs about 30F (-1C).

Magic Maven

The Magic tournament was won by Dietrich Kulze III of Medford, who claims it was his first time playing in years. Jeremy Parsons came in second.

Last-Minute Program Updates

The Gripe Session will be held at 4pm (not 3pm) in Camelot North. Art Show Sales are at 1:30pm. Ellen Kushner's Sound & Spirit will not be held live; you can hear it on WGBH radio, as previously reported.

Regency Soiree

Join us at 2:30 in the Ballroom for cake, tea, lemonade, whist, and vingt-et-un, then learn a dance or two with a dance caller. No dance experience is necessary! It's a great way to wind down the convention, and period costume is welcome (but not required).

Filk at Noon

Join us for a filk concert at noon by various performers on the theme of "Ships." At 3pm in Waterford, MASSFILC will hold a business meeting open to all interested persons. For those who want even more--dead dog filking follows the meeting, and will eventually move to King Henry to sing the night away.

Bits & Pieces

Maus creator Art Spiegelman turns 50 today.

Y2K Countdown--Only 685 days until 1-1-2000.

"Ten years ago tonight, I was the one accepting this award. And what a long, strange trip it's been" --Bob Eggleton

"I'm the only Luddite in NESFA, and they have me doing this!" --Priscilla Olson, encountering microphone difficulty at the banquet.

"Oh, boy, unsolicited manuscripts!" --Stan Schmidt, peering into the GoH gift bag.

"You know, NESFA is an extremely sneaky organization." --Hal Clement on pre-Skylark security.

"Still ambushing people sneakily, going around taking down their words?" --Elisabeth Carey to reporter-at-large Bob Devney.

"It's only at conventions that I buy books I may never read." --Jeff Wendler

Slogans from the popular BiB (Boston in Boston) hoax bid party: Geographically Correct; Because all other options are outside Rte. 128; Because fandom needs a BiB; Because in August it might not snow (much); Second prize: 2 weeks in Philadelphia, third prize: three weeks in Philadelphia; Orlando in Augustare you nuts?; Because only in Boston will you be served a crock of beans; Conveniently located on the T.

New lost & found: black leather gauntlets.

Don't Want It to End?

Join us tomorrow as we finish packing the truck in the morning, and/or unpack it at the NESFA clubhouse at 4pm Monday night. We offer free food and drinks at the clubhouse, plus a tour of the infamous home of NESFA (and that much-maligned malodorous mustelid, the Last Dangerous Skunk). For directions or details, ask at Information, NESFA Sales, or in Services.

Logistics would like to thank staffers Jen Pell, Andrew Greene and Heather Greene.

Edited by Lisa Hertel; header by Joe Mayhew. Thanks to staffers: the uncorrectable George Flynn, prooferader; the witty Bob Devney, reporter-at-large; the lovely Elka Tovah Menkes, awards reporter; and those saints of mimeography, Michael (Devney), Mark (Dulcey) and Paul (Giguere). Also, future fan Liana Rebekah Hertel, who is fannishly due on April Fool's Day.