Boskone 35 Hucksters' Room
February 13-15, 1998
Sheraton Tara Hotel, Framingham, MA
October 19, 1997

Hello! This is the first Boskone 35 Hucksters' Room mailing. If you wish to remain on our mailing list, please fill out the top of the enclosed form. As always, the Hucksters’ Room will be non-smoking, and all dealers, assistants and staff are required to buy a membership in the convention. Memberships are not included in the table fees, and are $35 until January 19, 1998. Children's memberships include kid's programming for the $35; kids-in-tow are free. If you do not receive space, memberships will be refunded by written request.

 The Boskone Hucksters' Room is "balanced" through a careful review of the merchandise you list on the enclosed table reservation forms. No space will be allocated to you unless you specify the merchandise you will be selling. Boskone is put on by NESFA, a literary organization, so you might wish to consider our literary science fiction bent when signing up for our Hucksters' Room. However, there are also an Art Show and a small video program, in addition to the rest of our varied programming.

 The 3-tiered rate structure used in previous years has been retained. All tables (provided) are 6 feet long and 30 inches (2.5 ft.) deep:

Tier 1: Low-priced (no more than 1/2 cover or $2) books, magazines, fanzines

Tier 2: All other SF books, magazines, fan publications, and related art (prints)

Tier 3: Everything else (jewelry, clothing, sculpture, buttons, videos, games, etc.)

1st table

2nd table

3rd table

Tier 1




Tier 2




Tier 3




If you have mixed merchandise (i.e., shirts and books), calculate how much space you'll be using for each type of merchandise per table. Each type should be priced separately, using the lowest priced tier first. For example, if you sell 1/3 used books, 1/3 new books, and 1/3 T-shirts, and you want 3 tables, you would buy your first table in tier 1, the second in tier 2, and the third in tier 3 ($25+75+125 = $225). If you have only a very small amount of merchandise in a particular tier, you need not include it when pricing (but do mention it on the reservation form). If you have a dizzying variety of merchandise, price it all at tier 3. If your situation is incredibly complex, write (or e-mail) with your telephone number for advice. The address is below.

 Table assignments are subject to space availability and the best over-all balance of merchandise for the convention, at our discretion. Promptness is a contributing factor. We deposit all checks when they are received; this does not guarantee a table assignment. Please note that you may be asked to take a smaller space than you requested (with a refund), or that you might be placed on our waiting list.

On the back of the reservation form is a space for special requests, such as electricity (please specify what for and how much power it draws), walls, corners, islands, straight spaces, or any space you use that is not on the surface of your table (backdrops, ceiling hangings, displays, etc.) or any other special information. We’ll do our best to fulfill these requests but retain the right to restrict any display at our discretion.

 A short waiting list is kept after all the tables have been assigned. If you are willing to be wait-listed, please note this in the special requests area; otherwise we will refund your table fees (and memberships if you so request). If you would rather be refunded immediately, please also note this in the special requests section. Confirmations will be mailed out in mid-December, but not all confirmations may be mailed at the same time. A progress report should also be out around then, as well.

Hotel reservations should be made directly with the Tara in Framingham by calling them at (508) 879-7200. Do not call the Sheraton toll-free 800 number as you will not get convention rates through them. Table space does not guarantee hotel space! Parking is free at the Tara.

The tentative schedule is similar to last year: set-up Friday from noon to opening at 5pm, open Friday evening until 9pm, Saturday 10am to 6pm, and Sunday 10am to 4pm, with late Sunday afternoon for tear down (until 6pm). We’re considering shorter hours on Friday evening (5pm to 8pm? 6pm to 9pm?). Your comments are welcome; please send us a note. An exact schedule will be mailed with your confirmation.

Massachusetts has a 5% sales tax on all items except clothing, dated material (new magazines) and food, which you must collect, report and pay to the state. NESFA does not issue these forms. For state tax reporting forms to be mailed to you, please write:

Mass. Dept. of Revenue or call (617) 727-4490
100 Cambridge St.
Boston, MA 02204
Attn.: Sales Tax, Room 200

Please complete the enclosed reservation form carefully and be sure to read both sides. If you are not interested in Boskone 35, but wish to stay on the mailing list, fill out the top part. Remember to add memberships to your table fees; we need a name and address for each membership. Look for your progress report and confirmation in December. If you wish to contact me, or if you’ve sent in your form but have not received anything by January 1, 1998, please write:

Boskone 35 Hucksters' Room
P. O. Box 809
Framingham, MA 01701-0203

or e-mail:

Thank you for your interest in Boskone 35.


Joyce & Peter Grace