Helmuth Issue 3, Saturday early afternoon, 2/13/99

NESFA congratulates Hal Clement for being named as a SFWA Grand Master.

Helmuth, and other Calamities...

Ye olde (and aging fast) editor wishes to thank the convention chair for the laying on of hands that seems to have cured our copier, Mr. G.

Let it be noted that the editor ate herring, while helpful(?) suggestions were made ("Do it by hand; people will appreciate the extra effort!" - Paul Giguere)

In other convention news (you would rather read about the Teletubbie Controversy?), it appears that the floods in the Hucksters' Room (which selectively targeted book dealers) seem to have subsided....


Numbers - at the end of Registration last night:

463 Preregistrations picked up.
120 full at-the-door
13 Friday only at-the-door

Some people have not yet picked up their memberships (and thus, banquet tickets) - any such tickets not picked up by 2 p.m. Saturday are subject to resale.

Information is maintaining a waiting list for those interested in the (sold-out) banquet.

Early Party announcements

(complete party listings in our evening edition. Deadline is 6:00)

Fortunes Won and Lost in a Single Evening!

Some 250 feeling-lucky Bostonians took their chances Friday evening in The Rialto, our alien casino-cabaret. Folks tried their hand (with our own "casino credits") at blackjack, kabinki, spectrum, and spaced-race - at which high rolling Guest Artist Stephen Youll cane out nearly 150,000 credits up at the end of the evening!

[More on this item in the next edition]

Early Program Changes

Have you congratulated Jane Yolen yet?

Julie Czerneda will autograph Saturday at 2 PM and will be on "Giant Monsters" Saturday at 5 PM.

Also, add Katya Reimann to Autographing, Sunday at 1 PM

Add Rick Cleary to "Whose Line is it Anyway" on Saturday night.

Add Evelyn Leeper to "This Book Sucks," Sunday at 11 AM.

There are still slots available for the "Great Escapes" concert on Saturday night at 11. If you'd like to perform a song relating in any way to great escapes, sign up with Gary McGath before the concert.

Choral Singers who rehearsed last night are requested to meet in Kildare at 8:45 tonight, for a brief warm-up before the GoH speech.

Anime Update - Saturday, 6:30 PM - "Sorcerer Hunters" (subtitled - ADV Films, release date 2/9/99) will be shown.

Anime Cautionary Advisory

People are reminded that Anime tends to deal with mature situations and violence. Parental discretion is advised. It is the opinion of the Anime staff that the majority of the items being screened are suitable for teenagers, and are unofficially rated by our staff as PG.

Monster Mayhem Continues

The "King of the Monsters" let his presence be felt at Boskone 36 today (DESTROY ALL MONSTERS, 8:30 PM). Shock waves recorded at the Weston Observatory were logged at being just over 4.1 on the Richter scale. Two visiting sorcerers (SLAYERS: THE MOTION PICTURE, 12 Noon) attempted to contain the over-exuberant dragon. Damage was confined to the anime screening room.

An all-female investigation team (DEBUTANTE DETECTIVE AGENCY, 1:30 PM) initially proposed that the damage was done by an invasion force of dragons from an alternate universe (CAPRICORN, 2 PM), but the hypothesis was quickly discredited by two treasure hunters who claimed to have been on site when the event occurred (RUIN EXPLORERS, 3 PM).

The staff on duty at the anime screening room was not available for comment (Press Anime)


A set of keys was lost in the consuite. They may be claimed at Services.

Last night's Trivia Bowl was won by Bob Devney with 56 chocolates. Karen von Haam (42) placed second.

Dragonslair would like to thank the many artists who contributed to our coloring book:
Jael, Margaret Organ-Kean, Eric Ren, Rick Berry, Marianne Plumridge, Charlene Taylor, Frank Lurz, Taylor Blanchard, Ed Beard, Jane Sibley, Wendy Snow-Lang, Teddy Harvia, Omar Rayyan, Stephen Youll, Kathleen Ward, and Cortney Skinner.

We invite you all to stop in and visit us. We have many things planned, including scary stories tonight, and a radio play tomorrow.

Quotes from Devney....

(TV Panel, Friday 7 PM)

(Fanzine Panel, Friday 8 PM)

(Connie Willis Panel, Friday, 9 PM)

More Thanks

Thanks to Bob Devney, and to Sharon Sbarsky for help (and the correct URL is http://world.std.com/~sbarsky/garylouie.html)