Boskone 38 Private Writers' Workshop

February 16-18, 2001

Summary. Boskone 38 will host the popular private writers' workshop (run along Clarion lines) organized by David Alexander Smith, where the works of 3-5 amateur writers are critiqued by the participants and by 2-3 professional writers, members of the Cambridge SF workshop.

Who Should Apply. Serious amateur or newly professional writers who are curious about workshops, have work they want to improve, and are willing to devote a fair amount of time before and during the con.

How To Apply. To apply, submit up to 7,500 words of fiction (a self-contained short story, chapters from a novel, or an outline). Submissions are open from now through two weeks before the con. Those selected to be in the workshop will be notified and provided with a list of the other attendees, a summary of workshop procedures, and other background.

At the Con. The workshop will run about three and a half hours (probably on Sunday morning beginning at 8:30am). David Alexander Smith will organize and moderate the workshop. The other pros will be members of the Cambridge Science Fiction Workshop, a long-running Clarion-style workshop whose current members include:

Sari Boren Alexander Jablokov James Patrick Kelly
Kelly Link Steven Popkes Mary Ross
Sarah Smith Brian Yamauchi  

Each participant will critique and be critiqued.

Where to Send Submissions. To apply or for more information, send submissions directly to David A. Smith, 112 Avon Hill Street, Cambridge, MA 02140, Tel: (617) 661-3223, or via email at

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