The NESFA Code
The NESFA Standing Rules
with Historical Annotations

This page was originally at the end of the Standing Rules, but wasn't being updated, while the Committees History page was. This was the version of these tables and comments as of November 2012.

Appendix B

This is a listing of the people who have held Offices, positions, or honors for which election or confirmation by the NESFA Membership was (or has been) required. The original theory was that this listing would help Members to choose people deserving of future nominations; while this still has some validity, don't forget that there are many responsible positions not included in this list.


NESFA Officers are elected at the Annual Meeting, and serve until the following Annual Meeting. The first election of Officers was in 10/67; all subsequent Annual Meetings have been held in May.


Year President Vice-President Treasurer
1967-68 Anthony R. Lewis David A. Vanderwerf Linda Rosenstein
1968-69 Anthony R. Lewis David A. Vanderwerf Paul F. Galvin
1969-70 Anthony R. Lewis Leslie J. Turek Edwin W. Meyer, Jr.
1970-71 Susan H. Lewis A. Joseph Ross Edwin W. Meyer, Jr.
1971-72 Susan H. Lewis A. Joseph Ross Fred P. Isaacs
1972-73 Fred P. Isaacs Susan H. Lewis Jill Eastlake
1973-74 Fred P. Isaacs Karen Blank [Ranade] Ann A. [Broomhead] McCutchen
1974-75 Donald E. Eastlake III Richard Harter Ann A. [Broomhead] McCutchen
1975-76 Donald E. Eastlake III Leslie J. Turek James F. Hudson
1976-77 Donald E. Eastlake III William C. Carton George P. Flynn
1977-78 James F. Hudson William C. Carton George P. Flynn
1978-79 James F. Hudson Ellen F. Franklin Ann A. [Broomhead] McCutchen
1979-80 Richard Harter Patricia A. Vandenberg Deborah A. King
1980-81 Richard Harter Patricia A. Vandenberg Deborah A. King
1981-82 Jill Eastlake Gail Hormats Deborah A. King
1982-83 William E. Perkins Ann A. [Broomhead] McCutchen Mark L. Olson
1983-84 Jill Eastlake Ann A. Broomhead [McCutchen, to 8/83] Mark L. Olson
1984-85 Jill Eastlake Richard Katze Mark L. Olson
1985-86 Jill Eastlake David A. Anderson Sharon Sbarsky
1986-87 Joseph J. Rico David A. Anderson Sharon Sbarsky
1987-88 Joseph J. Rico Priscilla Pollner [Olson, 9/87] Sharon Sbarsky
1988-89 Joseph J. Rico Priscilla Olson Richard Ferree
1989-90 Benjamin Yalow Andrew Cowan Michelangelo J. Di Genio
1990-91 Benjamin Yalow Gay Ellen Dennett Mark L. Olson
1991-92 Gay Ellen Dennett Pamela D. Fremon Timothy Szczesuil
1992-93 Gay Ellen Dennett Pamela D. Fremon Michelangelo J. Di Genio
1993-94 Mark L. Olson Elisabeth Carey Michelangelo J. Di Genio (resigned 6/93)
Timothy Szczesuil (app. 6/93; elected 8/93)
1994-95 Mark L. Olson Gregory A. Thokar Timothy Szczesuil
1995-96 Anthony R. Lewis Richard Maynard Mark L. Olson
1996-97 Gay Ellen Dennett Sharon Sbarsky Mark L. Olson
1997-98 Gay Ellen Dennett Paul Giguere Mark L. Olson
1998-99 Gay Ellen Dennett Michael A. Burstein Anthony R. Lewis
1999-00 Mark L. Olson Michael A. Burstein Anthony R. Lewis
2000-01 Anthony R. Lewis Gay Ellen Dennett Mark L. Olson
2001-02 Priscilla Olson Anthony R. Lewis Mark L. Olson
2002-03 Priscilla Olson Anthony R. Lewis Mark L. Olson
2003-04 Gay Ellen Dennett Edward Dooley Mark L. Olson (held over; no Treasurer elected)
Tim Roberge (elected 7/03)
2004-05 Gay Ellen Dennett Anthony R. Lewis Tim Roberge
2005-06 Gay Ellen Dennett Anthony R. Lewis Suford Lewis
2006-07 Tim Szczesuil Lis Carey Suford Lewis
2007-08 Tim Szczesuil Lis Carey Suford Lewis
2008-09 Tim Szczesuil Peter Olson Mark L. Olson


YearClerkIM issue #s
On each line are listed the issues of Instant Message published during that Clerk's term of office.
1967-68Susan Hereford [Lewis, 4/68]2-14
1968-69Susan H. Lewis15-36
1969-70Susan H. Lewis37-59
1970-71Anthony R. Lewis60-81
1971-72Anthony R. Lewis82-102
1972-73Jean A. Berman103-124
1973-74Jill Eastlake125-148
1974-75Jill Eastlake149-170
1975-76Anthony R. Lewis171-192
1976-77James F. Hudson193-213
1977-78Donald E. Eastlake III214-235
1978-79Richard Katze236-256
1979-80Richard Katze257-273
1980-81Katherine A. Horne274-290
1981-82Claire Graham [Anderson]291-313
1982-83Claire Graham [Anderson, 11/82]314-335
1983-84Claire Anderson336-358
1984-85Gregory A. Thokar359-379
1985-86Gregory A. Thokar380-399
1986-87Claire Anderson400-419
1987-88Richard Katze420-438
1988-89Pamela D. Fremon439-457
1989-90Pamela D. Fremon458-476
1990-91LuAnn Vitalis477-495
1991-92Anthony R. Lewis496-512
1992-93Anthony R. Lewis513-529
1993-94Anthony R. Lewis530-546
1994-95Richard Katze547-567
1995-96Mark Hertel568-586
1996-97Claire Anderson587-606
1997-98Claire Anderson607-624
1998-99Pamela D. Fremon625-643
1999-00Pamela D. Fremon644-664
2000-01Claire Anderson665-684
2001-02Richard Katze685-699
2002-03Pamela D. Fremon700-718
2003-04Claire Anderson719-735
2004-05Claire Anderson736-752
2005-06Richard Katze753-768
2006-07Richard Katze769-
2007-08 Claire Anderson  
2008-09Richard Katze 


YearAppt.EditorPB issue #s
Originally the Editor was one of the elected Officers. On each line are listed the issues of Proper Boskonian produced in that Editor's term of office (though not necessarily by that Editor).
1967-68 Cory J. Seidman [Panshin]0, 1
1968-69 Cory J. Seidman [Panshin]2-4
1969-70 Cory J. Seidman [Panshin, 6/69](left town 8/69; vacancy declared 10/69)5 [ed. Harter]
 Richard Harter (elected 11/69)6, 7
1971-72 Richard Harter8
1972-73 Richard Harter9
1973-74 Anthony R. Lewis10, 11 [ed. Stever, Harter]
1974-75 David A. Stever12
In 3/75 the Editor was removed from the list of elected Officers. Later Editors were merely appointed by the President.
1975-765/75David A. Stever13
1976-775/76Sheila D'Ammassa14-16
1977-785/77Sheila D'Ammassa (resigned 2/78) 
3/78Mike Blake 
1978-795/78Mike Blake17
1979-808/79"James Mark Anderson"18
1980-81?/80"James Mark Anderson"19
1981-82?/81"James Mark Anderson"20-24 (as insert in IM)
1982-835/82David Broadbent 
1983-845/83Paula Lieberman 
1984-855/84Joe Rico25
1985-865/85Joe Rico26
1986-876/86Mark Keller 
1987-886/87Mark Keller 
1988-89 [none appointed] 
1989-901/90Laurie Mann27
1990-916/90?Laurie Mann28
1991-926/91Laurie Mann29
1992-936/92Laurie Mann 
2/93Kenneth Knabbe30
1993-946/93Kenneth Knabbe31-32
1994-956/94Kenneth Knabbe33-34
1995-966/95Kenneth Knabbe35-37
1996-976/96Kenneth Knabbe38
6/96Lisa Hertel39-40
1997-986/97Lisa Hertel41-43
1998-996/98Lisa Hertel44
1999-006/99[none appointed?] 
2000-016/00Michael Benveniste 
2001-027/01[none appointed?] 
2002-036/02[none appointed?] 
2003-046/03[none appointed] 
2004-056/04[none appointed] 
2005-066/05[none appointed] 
2006-076/06[none appointed] 
2007-086/07[none appointed] 



YearAppt.Rules Committee Members
The Rules Committee is appointed by the President with confirmation by the Membership, usually at the Annual Meeting or soon afterward, and serves until a new committee is chosen.
1967-68 10/67Richard Harter (Chairman), Truman Brown, Claire Cabral, Gerald Clarke, Ed Meyer, Robert Nelson, Leslie Turek
1968-69 5/68Richard Harter (Ch.), Ed Meyer, Linda Rosenstein, Harry Stubbs
1969-70 5/69Ed Galvin (Ch.), Richard Harter, Dave Vanderwerf
1970-71 5/70Leslie Turek (Ch.), Bill Desmond, Ed Galvin, Fred Isaacs, Dave Vanderwerf (resigned 11/70)
11/70Dave Anderson
1971-72 5/71Leslie Turek (Ch.), Dave Anderson, Marsha Elkin [Jones], Ed Galvin, Ed Meyer
1972-73 5/72Leslie Turek (Ch.), Tony Lewis, Joe Ross
6/72Karen Blank [Ranade], Donald Eastlake
1973-74 5/73Leslie Turek (Ch.), Mike Di Genio, Donald Eastlake, Richard Harter, Susan Lewis
1974-75 5/74Jim Hudson (Ch.), Ellen Franklin, Tony Lewis, Joe Ross, Leslie Turek
1975-76 5/75Richard Harter (Ch.; resigned from comm. 7/75), Bill Carton, Joe Ross (resigned 9/75)
6/75Brons (Jim Burrows), George Flynn (acting Ch. 7/75, confirmed 8/75)
9/75Jill Eastlake, John Houghton
1976-77 5/76Susan Lewis (Ch.), Selma Burrows
6/76Sheila D'Ammassa, John Houghton
8/76Seth Breidbart (resigned 1/77)
1977-78 5/77Susan Lewis (Ch.)
6/77Chip Hitchcock, Kath Horne
1978-79 5/78Donald Eastlake (Ch.)
6/78Brons (Jim Burrows), George Flynn, Don Pauley (resigned 7/78), Pat Vandenberg
1979-80 5/79Terry McCutchen (Ch.), Donald Eastlake, George Flynn
6/79Gail Hormats, Wendell Ing
1980-81 5/80Terry McCutchen (Ch., resigned from comm. 10/80), Jill Eastlake (acting Ch. 10/80, confirmed 11/80), Gail Hormats, Wendell Ing, Rick Katze
1981-82 5/81Richard Harter (Ch.), Brons (Jim Burrows) (Inactive 9/81), Dave Cantor, Ann [Broomhead] McCutchen, Mark Olson
5/82Jill Eastlake (Ch. to 6/82)
1982-83 6/82Donald Eastlake (Ch.), Mike Di Genio, Rick Katze, Paula Lieberman, Joe Rico
1983-84 6/83George Flynn (Ch.), Mike Di Genio, Donald Eastlake, Greg Thokar, Pat Vandenberg
2/84Frank Richards
1984-85 6/84George Flynn (Ch.), Mike Di Genio, Donald Eastlake, Rich Ferree, Frank Richards
1985-86 5/85Mike Di Genio (Ch.), Donald Eastlake, Rich Ferree (until 6/85), Alex Layton
6/85Sue [Carson] Lichauco [Isaacs], Beth MacLellan
1986-87 6/86Donald Eastlake (Ch.), Ann Broomhead, Dave Cantor, Susan Lewis, James Turner
1987-88 6/87George Flynn (Ch.), Claire Anderson, Donald Eastlake, Bill Lehrman
1988-89 6/88Bill Lehrman (Ch.), Ann Broomhead, Gay Ellen Dennett, Donald Eastlake, Ken Knabbe
1989-90 6/89Dave Anderson (Ch.), Elisabeth Carey, Donald Eastlake, LuAnn Vitalis (resigned 5/90)
1990-91 6/90Sharon Sbarsky (Ch.), Dave Cantor, Mike Di Genio, Donald Eastlake, Joe Rico
1991-92 6/91George Flynn (Ch.), Donald Eastlake (Inactive 5/92), Laurie Mann, Priscilla Olson, Ben Yalow
1992-93 6/92George Flynn (Ch.), Aron Insinga, Priscilla Olson, Joe Rico, Charlie Seelig, Peggy Thokar
1993-94 6/93George Flynn (Ch.), Aron Insinga, Priscilla Olson, Greg Thokar
8/93Lisa Hertel
1994-95 6/94Joe Rico (Ch.), Gay Ellen Dennett, Suford Lewis, Ben Yalow
1995-96 6/95Ann Broomhead (Ch.), Claire Anderson, Gay Ellen Dennett
1996-97 6/96Joe Rico (Ch.), Ted Atwood, Dave Cantor, Pam Fremon, Paul Giguere
1997-98 6/97Ted Atwood (Ch.), Dave Anderson, Nomi Burstein, Dave Cantor, Elisabeth Carey, Suford Lewis, Joe Rico, Joe Ross
1998-99 6/98Ted Atwood (Ch.), Claire Anderson, Dave Anderson, Nomi Burstein, Suford Lewis
1999-00 6/99Gay Ellen Dennett (Ch.; elected Vice-President 5/00), Ted Atwood, Nomi Burstein, Suford Lewis, Priscilla Olson
5/00Suford Lewis (Ch.; appointed)
2000-01 6/00Pam Fremon (Ch.), Ted Atwood, Nomi Burstein, Rick Katze, Suford Lewis
2001-02 7/01Gay Ellen Dennett (Ch.), Dave Anderson, Mike Benveniste, Ed Dooley
2002-03 6/02Claire Anderson (Ch.; elected Clerk 5/03), Bonnie Atwood, Ted Atwood, Gay Ellen Dennett (elected President 5/03), Davey Snyder
5/03Davey Snyder (Ch.; appointed)
2003-04 6/03Dave Anderson (Ch.), Pam Fremon, Dave Grubbs, Rick Katze, Suford Lewis
2004-05 6/04Dave Anderson (Ch.), Ted Atwood, Pam Fremon, Dave Grubbs, Suford Lewis (elected Treasurer 5/05)
2005-06 6/05Dave Anderson (Ch.), Ted Atwood, Pam Fremon, Dave Grubbs, Joe Ross
2006-07 6/06Dave Grubbs (Ch.), Dave Anderson, Ted Atwood, Pam Fremon
2007-08 6/07 Mark Olson (Ch.), Dave Grubbs, Tony Lewis
2008-09 6/08 Gay Ellen Dennett (Ch.), Tony Lewis, Joe Ross


YearAppt.Membership Committee Members
The Membership Committee is also appointed by the President; until 1975 no confirmation by the Membership was required.
1967-68 10/67Truman Brown (Chairman), Ed Galvin, Roy Krupp, Tony Lewis, Greg Mironchuk
1968-69 5/68Ed Galvin (Ch.), Roy Krupp, Tony Lewis, Leslie Turek, Drew Whyte
1969-70 5/69Susan Lewis (Ch.), Paul Galvin, Al Kent, Linda Kent, Mike Symes, Drew Whyte
1970-71 5/70Tony Lewis (Ch.), Karen Blank [Ranade], Paul Galvin, Richard Harter, Fred Isaacs, Joe Ross, Drew Whyte
1971-72 5/71Jean Berman (Ch.), Karen Blank [Ranade], Paul Galvin, Fred Isaacs, Tony Lewis, Selina Lovett, Joe Ross, Jill Trugman [Eastlake, 8/71], Drew Whyte
1972-73 5/72Selina Lovett (Ch.), Jean Berman, Jill Eastlake, Morris Keesan, Roseanne Zaino
6/72Richard Harter
7/72?Karen Blank [Ranade]
1973-74 5/73Jill Eastlake (Ch.), Karen Blank [Ranade], Jerry Boyajian (resigned ?/73), Stew Brownstein, Donald Eastlake, Diane Howard, Tony Lewis, Drew Whyte
?/73John Turner
1974-75 5/74Jill Eastlake (Ch.)
6/74Mike Di Genio, Ellen Franklin, Kath Horne, Fred Isaacs, Rebecca Lesses (resigned 12/74?), Terry McCutchen, David Stever, John Turner
2/75Jim Saklad
1975-76 5/75Susan Lewis (Ch.)
6/75Ellen Franklin, Kath Horne, Terry McCutchen, Drew Whyte
In 12/75 the By-Laws were amended to require confirmation of the Membership Committee by the Membership.
1976-77 6/76Ellen Franklin (Ch.), Jill Eastlake, Jim Hudson, Terry McCutchen, Joe Ross, David Stever, Leslie Turek
1977-78 5/77Joe Ross (Ch.)
6/77Donald Eastlake, Ellen Franklin, Terry McCutchen, John Spert
1978-79 6/78Susan Lewis (Ch.), Chip Hitchcock, Terry McCutchen, Joe Ross, Beverly Slayton
1979-80 6/79Pat Vandenberg (Ch.), Claire Graham [Anderson], Tony Lewis, Joe Ross
8/79Dave Anderson
1980-81 6/80(illegal: no secret ballot; reconfirmed 11/80) Chip Hitchcock (Ch.), Dave Anderson, Claire Graham [Anderson], Tony Lewis, Wendy Glasser
1981-82 5/81Jim Hudson (Ch.), Dave Anderson, Donald Eastlake, Rick Katze, Tony Lewis, Greg Thokar
1982-83 6/82Glenn Axelrod (Ch.), Dave Anderson, Brons (Jim Burrows), Wendy Glasser, Bob Knowlden, Greg Thokar, Monty Wells
7/82Dave Cantor
1983-84 6/83Brons (Jim Burrows) (Ch. to 11/83), Debbie King, Bob Knowlden, Tony Lewis (Ch. 11/83), Selina Lovett
2/84Sue Hammond
1984-85 6/84Tony Lewis (Ch.), Bob Knowlden (resigned 2/85), Kelly Persons, Joe Rico, Sharon Sbarsky
4/85Priscilla Pollner [Olson]
1985-86 5/85Joe Rico (Ch., resigned 5/86), Tony Lewis, Laurie Mann, Priscilla Pollner [Olson] (Ch. 5/86), Jane Wagner (resigned 11/85)
6/85Ken Knabbe
1986-87 6/86Priscilla Pollner [Olson] (Ch., resigned 5/87), Mike Di Genio (Ch. 5/87), Rick Katze (resigned 5/87), Tony Lewis
1987-88 6/87Mike Di Genio (Ch.), Dave Cantor, Paula Lieberman, Beth MacLellan, Mark Olson, Greg Thokar
1988-89 6/88Laurie Mann (Ch.), Mike Di Genio (resigned 5/89), Rick Katze, Tony Lewis, Sharon Sbarsky
1989-90 6/89Rick Katze (Ch.), Claire Anderson, Dave Cantor, Gay Ellen Dennett (resigned 5/90), Priscilla Olson, Joe Rico, Greg Thokar
1990-91 6/90Greg Thokar (Ch.), Pam Fremon (resigned 5/91), Tony Lewis (resigned 5/91), Priscilla Olson, Tim Szczesuil (resigned 5/91)
1991-92 6/91Mike Di Genio (Ch., resigned from comm. 5/92), Elisabeth Carey, Beth MacLellan, Jim Mann, Joe Rico, Sharon Sbarsky (Ch. 5/92), LuAnn Vitalis (Inactive 3/92)
1992-93 6/92Sharon Sbarsky (Ch.), Chip Hitchcock, Rick Katze, Laurie Mann, Rich Maynard (resigned 11/92; 12/92: Membership voted not to accept resignation), Beth MacLellan
1993-94 6/93Gay Ellen Dennett (Ch.), Dave Cantor (resigned 9/93), Deb Geisler, Rick Katze, Rich Maynard, Davey Snyder
10/93Ann Broomhead
1994-95 6/94Lisa Hertel (Ch.), Dave Anderson, Ted Atwood, Ann Broomhead, Rich Maynard, Priscilla Olson
1995-96 6/95Suford Lewis (Ch.), Ted Atwood, Rick Katze, Kenneth Knabbe, Priscilla Olson, Sharon Sbarsky
1996-97 6/96Ken Knabbe (Ch.), Dave Anderson, Bonnie Atwood, Rick Katze, Tony Lewis, Priscilla Olson
1997-98 6/97Tony Lewis (Ch.), Bonnie Atwood, Deb Geisler, Rick Katze, Priscilla Olson, Sharon Sbarsky
1998-99 6/98Priscilla Olson (Ch.), Peter Grace, Paula Lieberman, Sharon Sbarsky, Tim Szczesuil
1999-00 6/99Deb Geisler (Ch.), Dave Anderson, Bonnie Atwood, Lis Carey, Paul Giguere, Rick Katze, Sharon Sbarsky
2000-01 6/00Bonnie Atwood (Ch.), Ed Dooley, Priscilla Olson, Joe Rico, Sharon Sbarsky
2001-02 7/01Bonnie Atwood (Ch.), Claire Anderson, Lisa Hertel, Suford Lewis, Tim [Which one? Check IM 687 et seq.]
2002-03 6/02Suford Lewis (Ch.), Dave Anderson, Mike Benveniste, Ed Dooley, Lis Carey
2003-04 6/03Sharon Sbarsky (Ch.), Lis Carey, Chris Carpenito, Chip Hitchcock, Priscilla Olson, Sheila Perry
2004-05 6/04Bonnie Atwood (Ch.), Ann Broomhead, Rick Katze (elected Clerk 5/05), Paula Lieberman, Priscilla Olson, Sharon Sbarsky
2005-06 6/05Lis Carey (Ch.), Bonnie Atwood, Deb Geisler, Rick Kovalcik, Priscilla Olson
2006-07 6/06Gay Ellen Dennett (Ch.), Bonnie Atwood, Lis Carey, Priscilla Olson, Kelly Persons, Sharon Sbarsky
2007-08 6/07 


YearAppt.Finance Committee Members (except ex-officio)
Originally established 3/91 as an ad hoc committee, without confirmation by the Membership:
1990-91 3/91Mark Olson (Ch.), Mike Di Genio, Sharon Sbarsky, Charles Seelig
4/91Rich Ferree
1991-92 6/91Tim Szczesuil (Ch.), Mike Di Genio, Rich Ferree, Debbie King, Jim Mann, Mark Olson, Sharon Sbarsky, Charles Seelig, Pat Vandenberg, Ben Yalow
In 4/92 (effective 5/92) the Finance Committee was made a standing committee, including the NESFA Treasurer and all current Boskone Treasurers ex officio, with other members (and the Chair) needing confirmation by the Membership; only the Chair and the non-ex officio members will be listed here, since the Treasurers are listed separately.
1992-93 6/92Mark Olson (Ch.), Debbie King, Ken Knabbe, Tim Szczesuil, Ben Yalow
1993-94 6/93Mike Di Genio (Ch., resigned from comm. 12/93), Dave Cantor, Rich Ferree, Debbie King, Sharon Sbarsky, Ben Yalow
12/93Ann Broomhead (Ch.)
1994-95 6/94Ben Yalow (Ch.), Ann Broomhead, Dale Farmer, Stuart Hellinger, Suford Lewis
1995-96 6/95Tim Szczesuil (Ch.), Suford Lewis
1996-97 6/96Ann Broomhead (Ch.), Debbie King, Sharon Sbarsky, Tim Szczesuil, Ben Yalow [Confirmation of chair not recorded.]
1997-98 6/97Debbie King (Ch.), Ted Atwood, Dave Cantor, Suford Lewis, Tim Szczesuil
1998-99 6/98Mark Olson (Ch.), Debbie King, Suford Lewis, Tim Szczesuil
1999-00 6/99Tim Szczesuil (Ch.), Ann Broomhead, Mark Hertel, Debbie King, Mark Olson, Joe Rico, Sharon Sbarsky
2000-01 6/00Ann Broomhead (Ch.), Suford Lewis, Sharon Sbarsky [Confirmation of chair not recorded.]
2001-02 7/01Sharon Sbarsky (Ch.), Ted Atwood, Ann Broomhead
2002-03 6/02Ted Atwood (Ch.), Ann Broomhead, Suford Lewis, Tim Szczesuil
2003-04 6/03Ann Broomhead (Ch.), Debbie King, Suford Lewis, Sharon Sbarsky, Tim Szczesuil
2004-05 6/04Debbie King (Ch.), Rick Kovalcik, Suford Lewis, Mark Olson, Tim Szczesuil
2005-06 6/05Debbie King (Ch.), Deb Geisler, Mark Olson, Tim Szczesuil
7/05Rick Kovalcik
2006-07 6/06Mark Olson (Ch.), Rick Kovalcik, Tony Lewis, Sharon Sbarsky
2007-08 6/07Sharon Sbarsky (Ch.), Mark Olson, Rick Kovalcik,


YearAppt.Clubhouse Committee Members
The Clubhouse Committee is also appointed by the President with confirmation by the Membership.
1985-86 1/86Dave Anderson (Chairman), Rich Ferree, Susan Hammond, Mark Olson, Kelly Persons, Pat Vandenberg, Monty Wells
1986-87 6/86Dave Anderson (Ch.), Jill Eastlake (resigned 1/87), Rich Ferree, Mark Olson, Frank Richards, Greg Thokar, Monty Wells
9/86Pam Fremon
1987-88 6/87Priscilla Pollner [Olson, 9/87] (Ch.), Pam Fremon, Frank Richards, Monty Wells
1988-89 6/88Monty Wells (Ch.), Pam Fremon, Peter Grace, Mark Olson, Frank Richards
1989-90 6/89Monty Wells (Ch.), Dale Farmer, Mark Olson, Kelly Persons, Frank Richards
1990-91 6/90Monty Wells (Ch.), Mike Di Genio, Rich Ferree, Pam Fremon, Mark Olson, Kelly Persons
1991-92 6/91Monty Wells (Ch.), Ann Broomhead, Pam Fremon, Al Kent, Mark Olson, Kelly Persons, Greg Thokar
1992-93 6/92Monty Wells (Ch.), Al Kent, 'Zanne Labonville, Mark Olson, Kelly Persons, Greg Thokar
1993-94 6/93Monty Wells (Ch.), Al Kent, Rich Maynard, Kelly Persons, Pat Vandenberg
1994-95 6/94Mark Hertel (Ch.), Dale Farmer, Al Kent, Rich Maynard, Kelly Persons, Greg Thokar
1995-96 6/95Mark Hertel (Ch.), Rich Maynard, Mark Olson, Kelly Persons, Monty Wells
1996-97 6/96Mark Hertel (Ch.), Pam Fremon, Mark Olson, Kelly Persons
1997-98 6/97Mark Hertel (Ch.), Ted Atwood, Ann Broomhead, Pam Fremon, Lisa Hertel, Mark Olson, Kelly Persons, Monty Wells
1998-99 6/98Mark Hertel (Ch.), Ann Broomhead, Dale Farmer, Peter Grace, Mark Olson, Kelly Persons, Joe Rico, Tim Szczesuil
1999-00 6/99Mark Hertel (Ch.), Dave Anderson, Ted Atwood, Ann Broomhead, Paul Ciszek, Mark Olson, Joe Rico, Tim Szczesuil
2000-01 6/00Mark Hertel (Ch.), Ted Atwood, Mike Benveniste, Ann Broomhead (cleaner), Mark Olson, Tim Szczesuil
9/00Dale Farmer
2001-02 7/01Ted Atwood (Ch.)
2002-03 6/02Tim Roberge (Ch.; resigns 8/02) "and a cast of thousands"
8/02Ted Atwood (Ch.)
2003-04 6/03Mark Olson (Ch.), Ted Atwood, Ann Broomhead, Dale Farmer, Pam Fremon, Kelly Persons
2004-05 6/04Mark Olson (Ch.), Ted Atwood, Lis Carey, Pam Fremon, Dave Grubbs, Rick Kovalcik, Kelly Persons, Tim Szczesuil
2005-06 6/05Mark Olson (Ch.), Ted Atwood, Ann Broomhead, Dale Farmer, Pam Fremon, Dave Grubbs, Chip Hitchcock, Rick Kovalcik, Kelly Persons, Tim Szczesuil
2006-07 6/06Mark Olson (Ch.) (resigned, March 2007), Dave Anderson, Dale Farmer, Pam Fremon, Deb Geisler, Dave Grubbs, Chip Hitchcock, Rick Kovalcik, Kelly Persons
2007-08 6/07 


No.Date Appt.Chairman Appt.Treasurer
Boskones before the foundation of NESFA
0110-12 Sep 65  David A. Vanderwerf   
0211-13 Mar 66  David A. Vanderwerf   
031-3 Oct 66  Erwin S. Strauss   
041-2 Apr 67  Paul F. Galvin   
After the establishment of NESFA, the Boskone (Committee) Chairman was appointed by the President, originally without Membership confirmation. Until 1975 these appointments were usually made at the previous Annual Meeting.
0523-24 Mar 68 ?/67Paul F. Galvin   
0622-23 Mar 69 5/68Leslie J. Turek   
0727-29 Mar 70 5/69Anthony R. Lewis   
The position of Treasurer was first added to the Boskone Committee in 12/70. Until 1979 it was merely an appointment by the Boskone Chairman, with duties varying from year to year (and often quite trivial); the date of appointment was usually not recorded.
0812-14 Mar 71 5/70William H. Desmond  Fred P. Isaacs
0914-16 Apr 72 5/71Fred P. Isaacs  (none)
109-11 Mar 73 5/72Susan H. Lewis  Jill Eastlake
111-3 Mar 74 5/73Donald E. Eastlake III & Jill Eastlake  Ann A. [Broomhead] McCutchen
1228-30 Feb 75 6/74Ann A. [Broomhead] McCutchen & R. Terry McCutchen  James F. Hudson
In 4/75 the Standing Rules were changed to require confirmation of the Boskone Chairman by the Membership. The rationale was that at the same time appointments began being made before the Annual Meeting (but after the previous Boskone), and thus by a President who might not be in office at the time of the con.
1313-15 Feb 76 4/75Ellen F. Franklin & James F. Hudson  George P. Flynn
1418-20 Feb 77 3/76Anthony R. Lewis  George P. Flynn
1517-19 Feb 78 3/77Jill Eastlake  Ann A. [Broomhead] McCutchen
1616-18 Feb 79 4/78Donald E. Eastlake III  Peter A. Neilson
In 8/79 the Standing Rules were amended to establish the Boskone Treasurer as an independent official, with appointment by the President and confirmation by the Membership.
1715-17 Feb 80 5/79Charles J. Hitchcock [BoskLone: cf. Section A.1(6)] 8/79Wendell Yau Git Ing
1813-15 Feb 81 4/80Gail Hormats 9/80Clarissa (Kris) Brown
1912-14 Feb 82 4/81Robert J. Spence (Lynx) 4/81David A. Cantor
2018-20 Feb 83 3/82Patricia A. Vandenberg 4/82David A. Cantor
2117-19 Feb 84 1/83Richard Katze 2/83Joseph J. Rico
The Boskone 21 Chairman was the first to be appointed before the previous Boskone. In 8/83 the By-Laws were amended to specify that the Boskone is ordinarily held in the first quarter of the year, and the Chairman appointed in the fifth preceding quarter.
2215-17 Feb 85 10/83Ann A. Broomhead 12/83Sharon Sbarsky
2314-16 Feb 86 10/84Mark L. Olson 1/85Richard Ferree
2413-15 Feb 87 10/85Charles J. Hitchcock 1/86Deborah A. King
2529-31 Jan 88 10/86James & Laurie Mann 3/87Deborah A. King
2627-29 Jan 89 11/87David A. & Claire Anderson 3/88Michelangelo J. Di Genio
2716-18 Feb 90 11/88Michelangelo J. Di Genio 12/88Deborah A. King
2815-17 Feb 91 11/89Richard Katze 12/89Timothy Szczesuil
2914-16 Feb 92 11/90Priscilla Olson 3/91Benjamin Yalow
3019-21 Feb 93 10/91Gregory A. Thokar 3/92Mark Hertel
3118-20 Feb 94 12/92Ben Yalow 4/93Mark Hertel
3217-19 Feb 95 10/93Gay Ellen Dennett 4/94Deborah A. King
3316-18 Feb 96 11/94Ann Broomhead & Tim Szczesuil 3/95Debbie King
3414-16 Feb 97 11/95Davey Snyder ?/96Ted Atwood
3513-15 Feb 98 10/96Bonnie & Ted Atwood 5/97Ann Broomhead
3612-14 Feb 99 10/97Deb Geisler 4/98Mark Hertel
3718-20 Feb 00 12/98Claire & Dave Anderson 8/99Saul Jaffe
3816-18 Feb 01 12/99Priscilla Olson 6/00Saul Jaffe
3915-17 Feb 02 11/00Pam Fremon 7/01Tony Lewis
4014-16 Feb 03 12/01Sharon Sbarsky 5/02Ann Broomhead
4113-15 Feb 04 12/02Rick Katze 6/03Ann Broomhead
4218-20 Feb 05 11/03Priscilla Olson 5/04Sharon Sbarsky
4317-19 Feb 06 12/04Pam Fremon 7/05Deb Geisler
4416-18 Feb 07 12/05Tony & Suford Lewis 6/06Mark Olson
45??-?? Feb 08 10/06Gay Ellen Dennett 12/06Debbie King
46??-?? Feb 09 12/06Lis Carey   

[Additional information on past Boskones -- including sites, Guests of Honor, and attendance -- is tabulated in each year's Boskone program book.]


Year Appt.Judge 1 Appt.Judge 2 Appt.Judge 3
Appointed for three-year terms by the President with the approval of the Membership [cf. Section 1.32(1)(b)].
1986 11/85Vincent Di Fate
[retired 7/95]
11/85Frank Kelly Freas
[retired 7/91]
1988 7/87
1990 ?/89
[11/91: date not recorded]
1991   11/89
[11/91: 7/90-7/93]
David Cherry
[retired 7/00]
1992 9/91
Michael Whelan
[retired 7/95]
1993 7/92
1994 1/93
1995 12/94
1996 1/96Bob Eggleton 2/96Ron Walotsky
[deceased 7/02]
1997 2/97
1998 ?/??
1999 11/98
2000 2/00
2001 1/01 1/01Todd Lockwood
2002 9/01
2003 12/02Richard Hescox 9/02
2004 10/03
2005 8/04
2006 7/05


BoskoneNESFA Press Guest(s)
Selected by the Membership [cf. Section 1.37(1)].
38William Tenn (book launch for Immodest Proposals)
39Robert Sheckley (book launch for Dimensions of Sheckley)
40William Tenn (Immodest Proposals, Here Comes Civilization)
41Karen Anderson (introduction for Silverlock, new at Boskone 41)
42Frederik Pohl (ex-husband of Judith Merril, author of Homecalling and Other Stories, new at Boskone 42)
43Robert Sheckley (book launch for The Masque of Mañana) [deceased 12/05]
Mike Resnick (to discuss Robert Sheckley)
44Christopher Stasheff (co-authored stories with deCamp and wrote introduction to volume 2 of de Camp.)
45Howard Waldrop (Introduction ot Chad Oliver volume)


Selected by the Membership [cf. Section 1.38(1)].
4111/03John Cramer
423/04Alastair Reynolds
437/05William K. Hartmann
441/07Richard Binzel
45 (none)



This list includes all persons who have been elected Directors, Trustees, or Fellows of NESFA, listed by their dates of election. Under the original NESFA constitution, honorary Directors were elected at the Annual Meeting for two-year terms. The first (1968) set of Directors, however, were simply those who happened to sign the Articles of Incorporation; new Directors were first elected in 1970.
7/68Paul F. Galvin, Anthony R. Lewis, Susan H. Lewis, Cory Seidman [Panshin], Leslie J. Turek, David A. Vanderwerf, Marilyn (Fuzzy Pink) Wisowaty [Niven]
5/70for one year: Marilyn (Fuzzy Pink) Niven, Cory Panshin, Leslie J. Turek, David A. Vanderwerf
for two years: Isaac Asimov, Judy-Lynn Benjamin [del Rey, 3/71], Ben Bova, Lester del Rey, William H. Desmond, Harry C. Stubbs (Hal Clement)
Under the By-Laws adopted in 3/71, the title was changed from "Directors" to "Trustees."
5/71Edwin W. Meyer Jr., Marilyn (Fuzzy Pink) Niven, Cory Panshin, Leslie J. Turek, David A. Vanderwerf, Andrew Adams Whyte
5/72Karen Blank [Ranade] (resigned 5/73), Ben Bova, William H. Desmond, Anthony R. Lewis (resigned 5/73), Harry C. Stubbs (Hal Clement), Robert K. Wiener
5/73Richard Harter, Susan H. Lewis, Frank Prieto, Elliot Kay Shorter, Leslie J. Turek, Andrew Adams Whyte
5/74Fred P. Isaacs, Anthony R. Lewis, A. Joseph Ross, Harry C. Stubbs (Hal Clement)
5/75Jill Eastlake, Marsha Elkin Jones, Krissy [Benders], Linda Ann Kent, George and Andrea Mitchell (jointly)
In 12/75 the Trusteeship was abolished, with the proviso that existing Trustees would serve out their terms. In 9/76 the Fellowship of NESFA was established. All former Directors and Trustees were retroactively declared to be Fellows as of the dates of their original election (Fred Isaacs declined). New Fellows have been elected in each subsequent year and installed at the NESFA anniversary banquet.
11/77Ellen F. Franklin, Selina Lovett, Anne McCaffrey, Ann A. [Broomhead] McCutchen, R. Terry McCutchen
10/78William C. Carton, Donald E. Eastlake III, George P. Flynn, JoAnn Wood
10/79Charles J. Hitchcock, James F. Hudson
11/80Wendell Yau Git Ing, Richard Katze, Robert J. Spence (Lynx)
11/81David A. Anderson, Wendy Glasser, Katherine A. Horne, Patricia A. Vandenberg
11/82Deborah A. King
11/83James L. Burrows (Brons), Michelangelo J. Di Genio, D. Montgomery Wells
10/84Claire [Graham] Anderson
11/85Mark L. Olson
11/86Richard Ferree, Benjamin Yalow
11/87David A. Cantor
11/88James Mann, Laurie Mann, Kelly Persons, Sharon Sbarsky
11/89Priscilla [Pollner] Olson, Joseph J. Rico
11/90Pamela D. Fremon, L[ouise] Ruth Sachter, Gregory A. Thokar
11/91Elisabeth Carey, Merle Insinga, Allan Kent, Bruce Pelz
11/92Aron K. Insinga, Joe Mayhew
11/93Gay Ellen Dennett, Kurt C. Siegel
11/94Mark Hertel, Don D'Amassa
11/95Bob Eggleton, Tim Szczesuil
11/96Kenneth Knabbe
11/97Joe Siclari, Davey Snyder
11/98Ted & Bonnie Atwood, Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden
11/99Deb Geisler
10/00[no nominees]
11/01Mike Benveniste
11/02Vincent Di Fate
11/03Dave Grubbs, Alice Lewis, Mike Resnick
11/04Rick Kovalcik, Shirley Avery & Martin Deutsch (joint)
11/05Tim Roberge, "a person to be informed at Boskone 43"


The recipient of the Skylark has always been announced at the Boskone. The first two were awarded before the foundation of NESFA:

The list of Skylark Winners is maintained here.

In 9/96, NESFA (in secret executive session so that he would not find out about it) voted to suspend the usual Skylark election rules and to award an unprecedented second Skylark to Hal Clement.


[While the Gaughan Award itself is not awarded directly by the Membership, it seems appropriate to include the winners here anyway for reference.]


Elected at the Annual Meeting [cf. Section 3.4(4)].
1974Andrew Adams Whyte
1975Andrew Adams Whyte
1976Poul Anderson
1977Mark Chartrand
1978Anthony R. Lewis
1979Andrew Adams Whyte
1980[none elected]
1981Wendy Lindboe
1982Susan Hammond
1983Susan Hammond
1984Monty Wells
1985Monty Wells
1986Monty Wells
1987No Award
1988The Shaft
1989Monty Wells
1990None of the Above
1991[none elected]
1992[none elected]
1993[none elected]
1994[none elected]
1995[none elected]
1996[none elected]
1997[none elected]
1998[none elected]
1999[none elected]
2000[none elected]
2001[none elected]
2002[none elected]
2003[none elected]
2004[none elected]
2005[none elected]
2006[none elected]
2007[none elected]



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