Recursive Science Fiction

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We are looking to add more items to the list. If you have any suggestions, please email us.

Specifically, more information is needed about the following:

Gunn, Eileen, an unnamed story read at the ICFA conference, which will presumably be published sooner or later

(Locus May 2006, page 47)

 Lundwall, Sam J., Crash

Published only in Swedish. Set at an SFWA conference in New York. It is the story of a Swedish SF writer in the US publishing house world.

Norstedts 911822222-6, 1980

Stockholm: Norstedt & Soners, 1982

 Swahn, Sven Christer, SF-Galaxen

This is a Swedish (The SF Galaxy) combination SF and mystery novel, set at a British SF convention. Norwegians and Swedes are the major characters. So far published only in fanzines.

DNQ 6, 1981

<reprint in 1987>

Nove science-fiction nr. 2 2004


Sorenson, Ian, ???     Musical

British fannish musical about conrunning.

Roseanne: apparently, there was a follow-up episode to the one about the SF bookstore. Roseanne Conner/Roseanne; Dan Conner/John Goodman; Darlene Conner/Sara Gilbert; Jackie Harris/Laurie Metcalf; Karen Miller (bookshop)/Lee Garlington

???, "The Road to the White House"     Teleplay

A spoof of C-SPAN coverage of the primaries. Three Democratic candidates—Jerry Brown, Bill Clinton, and Paul Tsongas—are speaking to the 17th Annual Star Trek Convention. Jerry Brown declares that the Klingons, rather than the Russians, are our enemies. Clinton demolishes the podium when Spock endorses Tsongas. It is reported that the hotel shown is the Westchester, N. Y. Marriott, scene of SF (such as Lunacon) and ST conventions.

Saturday Night Live [NBC] March 14, 1992

And anything else that we are missing.

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