Periodically, NESFA Press invites a writer to be a guest at Boskone. Typically, this guest has had a book published by NESFA Press in the past.

NESFA Press Guests

Boskone 58, 2021 Ursula Vernon
Boskone 57, 2020 Jim Burns: Gallery
Boskone 56, 2019 Gardner Dozois (in abstentia)
Boskone 55, 2018 Nat Segaloff
Boskone 54, 2017 Ken MacLeod: Blog
Boskone 53, 2016 Bob Eggleton
Boskone 52, 2015 Vincent DiFate
Boskone 51, 2014 Jane Yolen
Boskone 50, 2013 Jerry Pournelle (for his introduction to volume 5 of the Poul Anderson collections)
Boskone 49, 2012 Jerry Pournelle (for his introduction to volume 5 of the Poul Anderson collections) - unable to attend due to illness
Boskone 48, 2011 Karen Anderson (for her assistance with the Poul Anderson books)
Boskone 47, 2010 Lois McMaster Bujold (for various NESFA Press editions of her work)
Michael Whelan (for creating the covers for the Roger Zelazny collection)
Boskone 46, 2009 Astrid and Greg Bear (for introduction to Poul Anderson's Call Me Joe)
Boskone 45, 2008 Howard Waldrop (Introduction ot Chad Oliver volume)
Pamela Sargent & George Zebrowski
Boskone 44, 2007 Christopher Stasheff (co-authored stories with L. Sprague deCamp and wrote introduction to volume 2 of de Camp)
Boskone 43, 2006 Robert Sheckley (book launch for The Masque of Maņana) [deceased 12/05]
Mike Resnick (to discuss Robert Sheckley)
Boskone 42, 2005 Frederik Pohl & Elizabeth Anne Hull (ex-husband of Judith Merril, author of Homecalling and Other Stories, new at Boskone 42)
Boskone 41, 2004 Karen Anderson (introduction for Silverlock, new at Boskone 41)
Boskone 40, 2003 William Tenn (Immodest Proposals, Here Comes Civilization)
Boskone 39, 2003 Robert Sheckley (book launch for Dimensions of Sheckley)
Boskone 38, 2001 William Tenn (book launch for Immodest Proposals)