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February 12-14, 1999 (This is President's Day weekend)


Guest of Honor
Connie Willis

Official Artist
Stephen Youll

Special Guests
Teddy Harvia
Diana Thayer

Featured Filkers
Ed Stauff and Mary Ellen Wessels


Sheraton Tara Hotel, Framingham, MA
Phone (508) 879-7200; (Room Rates: $97 S/D; $107 T/Q)


$35 until Jan. 15, 1999.
At-con rates are: Full - $45, Friday - $15, Saturday - $32, Sunday - $17
Please enclose a copy of our order form with your check or credit card information.

Contact information

Address all mail to:

Boskone 36
PO Box 809
Framingham, MA 01701-0809 USA

For other questions, please contact our online liaison, Sharon Sbarsky, at

Additional information

Note that some of the links point to files from last year. These will be kept until the corresponding publications for this year become available, but can be looked at to get an idea of what Boskone is like.

We also have the Information Centers from prior Boskones. Note that these files are for historical interest only, so some of the links may no longer work, and the files are not maintained.

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