Do you love science fiction and fantasy?

Join us at Boskone, a regional science fiction convention, which features:

Our innovative no-boundaries layout is designed to stimulate conversation between friends (old and new), and support the warm family-friendly community. Join us as we explore the worlds of the human imagination — all served up with a dash of whimsy!

Boskone will be held from February 12-14, 2010, Westin Boston Waterfront, Boston, Massachusetts. The hotel room block has closed.

While our pre-registration discount period is over, you can buy memberships now at the full rate. Buy a membership online by selecting one of these links:

In addition, you will be able to purchase memberships at a special student rate and for Saturday night only at the door. Check the Registration for more information.

Not sure if you're already a member? Check our Boskone Membership Search Page.

Boskone Guests

Guest of Honor Alastair Reynolds
Official Artist John Picacio
Special Guest Tom Shippey
Featured Filker Mary Crowell
NESFA Guests
NESFA Press Guests   Lois McMaster Bujold
Michael Whelan
Hal Clement
Science Speaker
Vernor Vinge


Transcript of Tom Shippey's Boskone Special Speaker Talk.

Helmuth, the Boskone newsletter, is up!

In addition to the Westin Shuttle that Westin guests can use, Boskone will be running a 29-person shuttle every half hour between 5pm and 10pm on Saturday evening. The Boskone shuttle will start from the hotel main entrance, stop at South Station and Quincy Market (near the North End). When returning to the hotel, get on where you got off. Show your Boskone badge to ride the shuttle.

Nice blurb in The Boston Globe on 2/11/10.

The good news is - Boston got almost no snow from the last snowstorm. We had high winds, some rain, and a trace of snow. You don't even need to bring your boots this weekend unless you really want to. It'll be sunny, brisk, and in the 20s. Next chance of snow isn't until Monday night.

Flying in? Logan is open. Driving in? The Massachusetts Turnpike is fine. Amtrak is having some delays in the mid-Atlantic.

If you are snowbound and unable to attend Boskone, call the hotel directly (617-532-4600) to cancel your room - do not call the 800 number.

The Anime Schedule is up.

The Gaming Schedule is up.

The 2010 Program Schedule is up.

Registration will open at 3pm on Friday, February 12. Anime will start at 4pm.

Program Participants, Hucksters and Artists attending as of 1/26/10

Forms for the Art Show, including the Artist Master Sheet, Print Shop Master Sheet, Bid Sheet and the Resale Sheet are available for download.

We're working to improve the information on local parking for the Boskone day trippers and there's an improved local map on the Directions page. Thanks to Chip Hitchcock for documenting the availability of the nearby parking lots on the weekend.

Boskone members can pre-order the new Alastair Reynolds collection Deep Navigation and pick it up at Boskone.

The pre-registration membership discount period is over. To buy memberships in advance, go the the Registration page. You will also be able to buy memberships at the door.

Will you be in Boston on Monday, February 15? The Coolidge Corner is showing the theatrical version of Terry Pratchett's Nation. Live in the Boston area? The Coolidge Corner is also showing it on January 30.

The Westin has a shuttle that offers people staying at the hotel a quick way to South Station and downtown Boston. While it does go to South Station, it does not go to the airport. However, it can help you do some sightseeing or get you out to dinner once you've checked in to the hotel. Thanks to Janice Gelb for the reminder about the shuttle. If you want a ballpark figure for what cabs cost in Boston, try TaxiFareFinder (one of the default starting points is the Mass Convention Center (sic - Boston Convention and Exhibition Center) which is next door to the Westin).

If you're a Boskone 47 member, you should have received Progress Report 2 by now. Didn't get one yet? Check the membership database to check that we have record of your membership. If you want to see one right away, here you go.

While we will have an updated restaurant guide for 2010, check the 2009 Restaurant Guide to start your dining planning.

Directions to the Westin Boston Waterfront.

It's not too late to sign up for a club table. Join WSFA, Aussiecon, Renovation, the National Marrow Registry, Chicago in 2012, Texas in 2013 and Tiptree/Brandon Bake Sale.

Rumors that zombies will be attacking our Friday night festivities...are true! Saturday night at Boskone will feature Roger Zelazny's "Godson: A Play in Three Acts." Its director assures us "It will be spectacular." And Bruce Coville has joined the cast!

Press, Art Show and Dealers' Room information is up.

Boskone always needs volunteers!

The Boston Museum of Science is hosting the Harry Potter exhibit through February 21, 2010. You can take the T to Hogwarts!

Make your Boskone reservation for the Westin online.

Congratulations to Official Artist John Picacio for being named to illustrate the George R. R. Martin A Song of Ice and Fire calendar for 2011, and for winning a Chesley Award for Best Cover Illustration - Paperback and for being nominated for a World Fantasy Award for Best Artist.

Congratulations to Boskone 47 GoH Alastair Reynolds for receiving a one million pound advance from Gollancz for 10 books

Visit the Boskone 46 website to see what the last Boskone was like, read some of the LiveJournal reviews, or view the Flickr slide show of past Boskones. Follow us online - we'll be Tweeting from Boskone.

Boskone is brought to you by the New England Science Fiction Association. NESFA has frequent meetings and maintains a clubhouse and library in Somerville. Stop by our Web site for more information—visitors encouraged!

NESFA Press helps keep in print works by dozens of classic science fiction writers, including Cordwainer Smith, Zenna Henderson, Anthony Boucher, and William Tenn in addition to publishing guest of honor works by Boskone guests including Alastair Reynolds. New books since the last Boskone include two more volumes of Roger Zelazny's work, a collection of Lester Del Rey's work and a collection of James Blish's work. Stop by the NESFA Press table in the Hucksters' Room to add to your book collection. Buy all you'd like—we'll print more!

For more information on NESFA and Boskone:

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