Tomorrow May be Even Worse cover


Out of Print!

ISBN: 0-915368-15-3
Page count: 64
Book Size: 5-1/2" x 6"
Published: February 1978

Perfect bound

Edited by Jill Eastlake
Cover and interiors by Arthur Thomson (ATom)

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Tomorrow May Be Even Worse is an alphabet of Science Fiction cliches, each with a verse by John Brunner, Boskone 15 Guest of Honor, and an illustration by ATom. Subtitled An Alphabet of Science Fiction Cliches , this was a collection of 26 illustrated quatrains.

The letter M is represented by

[The letter M]

We sought the MUTANT due for lynching.
Not a trace was there to find.
I told the other — saw them flinching—
"The bastard must have read my mind!"

The Author

John Brunner
[John Brunner drawing by ATom]

The Artist

ATom (Arthur Thonpson)
[ATom drawing of ATom]

Printing History

Perfect bound, 5.5" x 6", 64 pp., ISBN 0-915368-15-3, numbered, $2.50 in advance, $4.00 afterwards. February 1978, 1000 copies. out of print!

There were to have been 26 lettered copies of the finebound version but it was never published. ISBN 0-915368-80-3.