Sung in Blood cover


Out of Print!

ISBN: 0-915368-44-7
Boxed ISBN: 0-915368-95-1
LC: 89-64012
Page count: 162
Book Size: 5-1/4" x 7-1/4"
Published: February 1990

Edited by Laurie Mann
Cover art by David Cherry

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Framingham, MA 01701
fax: 617-776-3243

Sung in Blood is a short novel by Glen Cook. This is an original unpublished short novel, a pastiche 'Doc Savage' in a fantasy world. This book was published in recognition of Cook's status as Guest of Honor at Boskone 27 in February 1990 in Springfield, MA.


"Protector Jerhke has kept Shasessrre peaceful for hundreds of years. After his brutal murder, his son Rider tries to discover his father's murderer. Rider is helped in his search by his companions, as they battle against the agents of the mysterious Kralj Odehnal. But the murderous dwarf turns out to be an introduction to greater terror, as they match wits with Shai Khe, the powerful sorcerer who wants to rule Shaesserre."

Glen Cook:

From the book's blurb:

"Glen Cook is the author of numerous science fiction and fantasy books. His works include the Black Company fantasy series and the Garret hard-boiled-detective/fantasy series. He is also the author of the Dread Empire series (an SF series dedicated to Richard Wagner), and The Dragon Never Sleeps. He met his wife, Carol, at Clarion in 1970 and they now have three children. Cook lives in St. Louis, and works nights in a GM plant. When he isn't writing books or assembling trucks, he runs a huckster table at science fiction conventions and collects stamps."

David Cherry:

From the books' blurb:

"David A. Cherry started off his professional career as a lawyer before he became an artist. A number of his book covers were recently collected in a fine art book called Imagination: The Art and Technique of David Cherry. Cherry has been the president of ASFA, the science fiction group for artists, agents, and art collectors. He lives in Edmond Oklahoma."

Printing History

Cover art by David Cherry. Glen Cook's name is spelled "Glenn" on the spine of the dust jacket; it is correct elsewhere in the book.

edited by Laurie Mann

Hardcover, 5.25" x 7.25", 162 pp., ISBN 0-915368-44-7, 590 numbered copies, trade edition, $8.00 in advance and at the convention, $15.00 afterwards, February 1990. out of print!

Boxed hardcover, 5.25" x 7.25", 162 pp., ISBN 0-915368-95-1, 200 numbered copies of the boxed edition, signed by the author and the artist, $18.00 in advance and at the convention, $30.00 afterwards, 10 lettered presentation copies, February 1990. out of print!

The trade state is bound in reddish cloth and has unsigned pink endpapers, and is numbered on the copyright page. The boxed state is bound in the same red leatherette that the box is covered with and is signed by both author and artist on the front endpapers.

LC 89-64012.