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ISBN: 0-915368-14-5
Page count: ii+114
Book Size: 5-1/4" x 7-1/4"
Published: February 1977

Jacket and book design by Jill Eastlake, D. Christine Benders, Selma Burrows, and Leslie Turek
Cover art by John Schoenherr

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Framingham, MA 01701
fax: 617-776-3243

Ben Bova was the fourth editor of Analog; he followed John W. Campbell, Jr. and preceded Stanley Schmidt. In this book he has selected some of his editorials from his first five years at Analog-editorials which serve as pointers for the future rather than place markers of the past and present of Analog.

Table of Contents

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Ben Bova

In 1971 Ben Bova undertook the most frightening task in the science fiction field-following the late John W. Campbell as editor of Analog Science Fiction. His success in this endeavor may be partially judged by four successive Hugos for Best Editor (presented at the World Science Fiction Conventions in 1973 [Torcon II], 1974 [Discon II], 1975 [Aussiecon] , and 1976 [Midamericon]).

Mr. Bova has not imitated his predecessor but has built well upon the magazine's past, conserving the best of the old while opening new areas of science fiction for Analog.

Ben Bova was born 8 November 1932 and was brought up in South Philadelphia. Following graduation in journalism from Temple University, he was Technical Editor for Project Vanguard for the Martin Corp. just prior to assuming the editorship of Analog he was Manager of Marketing for Avco-Everett.

Although his position as editor of Analog precludes submission of short fiction to the science fiction magazines, Ben Bova has continued to turn out both fiction and non-fiction for book publishers.

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Hardcover state, 5-1/4"x7-1/4", ii+114 pp., ISBN: 0-915368-14-5, 800 copies, $7.00 at the convention ($10.00 as of end 1978, lowered to $8.00 October 1983), February 1977

Finebound hardcover state, 5-1/4"x7-1/4", ii+114 pp., ISBN: 0-915368-79-X, 15 copies bound in leather numbered and signed by the author, 3/4 leather, blue, french papers and gold hand details, $43.00 (lowered to $20.00 January 1978), February 1977. out of print!