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ISBN: 0-915368-16-1
LC: 82-60702
Page count: 64+94
Book Size: 5" x 7-1/4"
Published: September 1982

Edited by Chip Hitchcock
Two covers by Guest of Honor Kelly Freas

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In and Out of Quandry and Up to the Sky in Ships is a single, hardcover book published dos-a-dos (Ace Double format). It was published on behalf of Chicon IV, the 40th World Science Fiction Convention, to honor the Guests of Honor Lee Hoffman (fan) and A. Bertram Chandler (pro).

Hardcover dos-a-dos, 5"x7-1/4", 64+94 pages, ISBN 0-915368-16-1, 1809 copies, 1982, hardcover, $10.00 at the convention, $13.00 afterwards, August 1982,

Up to the Sky in Ships

Up to the Sky in Ships is was published to commemorates A. Bertram Chandler's appearance as Guest of Honor at Chicon IV, the fortieth World Science Fiction Convention. This book contains seven undeservedly obscure stories, including "Chance Encounter," the first story in which Chandler's most famous character, John Grimes, appears, and "A New Dimension" set in an alternate world in which Ned Kelly uses unusual tactics to win Australia's war for independence.

A Bertram Chandler was a retired officer in the Australian Merchant Marine; he started writing Science Fiction in 1945 and died in 1984. he produced over 30 novels and 150 short stories, many of the drawing on his seagoing experience and the possible similarities between traveling Earth's oceans and traveling in space.

Table of Contents

In and Out of Quandry

In and Out of Quandry was published to mark Lee Hoffman's appearance as Fan Guest of Honor at Chicon IV. It contains several articles and essays on fannish topics, including "The Bluffer's Guide of Publishing a Fanzine" (a description of Hoffman's own career as a fan editor) and the true story of the discovery of steam.

Lee Hoffman founded Quandry, described by historians of science fiction fandom as the leading fanzine of the early 1950s, and edited most of its 30 issues. After leaving active SF fandom, and spending several years in print-related jobs, she became a full-time writer of SF and Westerns, one of which won the Spur Award.

Table of Contents