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ISBN: 0-915368-34-X
Boxed ISBN: 0-915368-89-7
LC: 86-63685
Page count: 212
Book Size: 5-1/4" x 7-1/4"
Published: February 1987

Edited by Andy Cowan
Cover art by Barclay Shaw

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Framingham, MA 01701
fax: 617-776-3243

Glass and Amber, the Boskone 24 commemorative book, is a collection by Guest of Honor C. J. Cherryh. Some of the items contained herein are:

"A Gift of Prophecy," a startling story about a fantastic Oracle originally found by an archaeology team on a far off world.

"Romantic/Science Fiction," an article that explores the relationship between science fiction and "romantic fiction" (in the traditional sense, not in the Harlequin sense, of the word).

"Of Law and Magic," a gripping story set on the world Liavek. It tells how a woman's Luck causes some very powerful people to save her brother's life.

Also included are "The Avoidance Factor," an original article discussing the various theories of why other sentient species might exist and what they might be up to, including why they may not have space travel capabilities as well as several other articles and stories.

Table of Contents

[C.J. Cherryh photo]C. J. Cherryh

From the book's blurb:

Carolyn J. Cherryh was born on September 1, 1942 in St. Louis, Missouri, and now lives in Oklahoma City. She has a BA in Latin from the University of Oklahoma and an MA in Classics from John Hopkins. She says that Virgil is a major influence in her writing. She is also fluent in French, and translates French literature on a professional basis. In 1977, she received the John W. Campbell Award for best new writer. In 1979, her short story "Cassandra" won a Hugo. Another story, "A Thief in Koriath," won a Balrog in 1982. She won a Hugo in 1983 for her novel Downbelow Station, and the following year The Pride of Chanur was a Hugo finalist. She organized the drive to place a memorial ad for the Challenger crew in the New York Times and raise money for the Challenger Children's Fund. Chanur's Homecoming, her newest Chanur book, is sure to be a strong contender for this year's major awards.

Printing History

Cover by Barclay Shaw; this is a slightly modified version of his cover for Cherryh's Voyager in Night.

Trade hardcover, 5.2"x7.25", 212 pp., ISBN: 0-915368-34-X, $9.00 prepublication and at the convention, $15.00 afterwards, February 1987, 775 numbered copies. out of print!

Boxed hardcover, 5.2"x7.25", 212 pp., ISBN: 0-915368-89-7, $18.00 prepublication and at convention, $30.00 afterwards (the boxed state sold out at the convention), February 1987, 225 numbered copies with special binding, signed by the author and the artist. out of print!