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ISBN: 0-9603146-0-1
LC: 79-89652
Page count: xiv+76
Book Size: 5-1/4" x 7-1/4"
Published: August 1980

Edited by D. Christine Benders
Text cover

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Noreascon II book. Knight and Wilhelm were Guests of Honor at Noreascon II, the 38th World Science Fiction Convention, in Boston. This book is a collection of some of their poems and one story each.

Table of Contents

The Authors

[Damon Knight photo]Damon Knight was born in Baker, Oregon on September 19, 1922. He moved to New York City after completing high school and published his first SF story in 1941. He soon became known as a writer and a critic. He was one of the founders of the Milford SF Writers Conference and has continued to play a major role in the Clarion workshop series, an outgrowth of Milford. He founded the Science Fiction Writers of America and was editor of Orbit, the original anthology series that dominated the Nebula Awards in the late sixties. Damon and his wife, Kate Wilhelm, were Guests of Honor at the 1980 World Science Fiction Convention, Noreascon Two. He died in 2002.

Kate Wilhelm

Printing History

Text cover; No dust jacket or interior artwork. The front cover of the book has the authors' signatures embossed in gold.

Hardcover, sewn case binding, acid-free paper, 5.25" x 7.25", xiv+76 pp., ISBN: 0-9603146-0-1, $3.00 at Noreascon II, (raised to $5.00 October 1980, raised to $6.00 November 1984), August 1980, 2012 copies.

LC 79-89652.