Hymnal 1.2 cover


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ISBN: 0-915368-69-2
Page count: vi+211
Book Size: 8-1/2"x11"
Published: April 1979

GBC binding

Compiled by A. Joseph Ross
Cover by Frank Sobolewski

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Framingham, MA 01701
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This is a compilation of filk songs about Fiction (39), Science (9), Fandom (56), Star Trek (7), Tolkien (17), and Potpourri (31). Guitar chords are given for most songs. Every effort has been made to attribute the songs to their original creators songs.

Printing History

Plastic comb (GBC) binding, 8-1/2"x11", vi+211 pp., ISBN: 0-915368-69-2, $10.00 (raised to $12.00 November 1984), April 1979.

1000 copies, 150 copies reprinted October 1982, 100 copies reprinted August 1983, 303 copies reprinted August 1984

500 copies reprinted (with errors corrected and new type face) October 1990, $18.00.