Sunday, February 20, 2000                                           Volume 37, Number 4

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Photos From the Banquet

Dave and Claire Anderson
Boskone 37 co-chairs
Eileen and Peter Weston
Boskone 37 guests
Jordin and Mary Kay Kare
Boskone 37 guests
Rick Berry and Family
Boskone 37 guests
Marianne Porter, Sean and Michael Swanwick
Boskone 37 guests

Warm Body Count

As of 9 AM on Sunday, we had 725 warm bodies in attendance at Boskone.

Hotel Has Limited Luggage Storage

Please make your own arrangements for storing luggage this afternoon.  Boskone does not have any additional luggage storage for attendees.

Boskone 37 Art Show Awards

Best in Show – Professional

            Gandalf and Frodo – Ruth Sanderson

Judges’ Awards

            Hitchhiker Effect – John Berkey

            Body of Work – Rick Berry

            Cybertrix – Rick Berry

            Iron Fawn – Rick Berry

            Lily – Rick Berry

            Glorantha Preliminary – Richard Bober

            Body of Work – Gloria Conwell

            Dance of the Dead – H. Ed Cox

            Dragon Sketches – Dragonslair

            Mosasaur – Bob Eggleton

            “The Bones of Our Rituals” – Tamara Gurevitz

            Body of Work – Sandra Lira

            Body of Work: “Unicorn” Series – Ruth Sanderson

            Unicorns in the Waves – Ruth Sanderson

            Daughter of the Angels – Tony Sansevero

Popular Choice – Professional

            First Place – Ruth Thompson

            Honorable Mention – Rick Berry

            Honorable Mention – Omar Rayyan

Popular Choice – Amateur

            First Place – Linda Champanier

            Honorable Mention – Marianne Plumridge-Eggleton

Guest of Honor Choice

            Iron Fawn – Rick Berry

Boskone Chairman’s Choice

            Lily – Rick Berry

            What I Like About You – Rick Berry

Art Show Director’s Choice

            Lily – Rick Berry

Unicorns in the Waves – Ruth Sanderson

Art Show Staff Choice – Professional

            First Place – Rick Berry

            Honorable Mention – Ruth Sanderson

Art Show Staff Choice – Amateur

            First Place – Marianne Plumridge-Eggleton

            Honorable Mention – Linda Champanier

Watchman’s Award

            Eagle’s Sight – Eric Ren

Skylark Award Winner

The ever-popular Bruce Coville won the NESFA Skylark Award.

Gaughan Award Winner

Stephen Daniele won the Jack Gaughan Award for Best Emerging Artist.  NESFA thanks this year’s judges, David Cherry, Bob Eggleton and Ron Walotsky.

Gratuitous Salacious Headline Explained!

This Weekend Marks Stephen Boucher’s First Time and the Biggest Time for Janice Gelb!

The true story – Stephen lives in a part of Australia that doesn’t get snow, so this is his first snowstorm.  Janice has usually lived in warm places with little or no snow at all.

Today’s Auctions

DUFF Auction  1:10 Grand Ballroom

Art Show Auction 1:30 Grand Ballroom

SFWA Emergency Fund Auction 2:00 Waterford

Schedule Changes

The cover art panel with Bob Eggleton and Michael A. Burstein is at noon.

Michael Flynn will read at 12:30, but he will not be on the Civil War panel.

Michael A. Burstein's reading moves from 12:30 to 1:30.

Geary Gravel's reading, which had been rescheduled from 1:30 to 1:00, is being replaced by a reading by Ann Tonser Zeddies (aka Toni Anzetti).

Boskone 37 Gripe and Boskone 38 Suggestion Session is at 3:00 PM in Wexford.

Sunday Night Event

The Dead Dog Dinner is at Chef Orient at 7:00 tonight.  If you’d like to attend, please sign up in the Executive Board Room by 1:00 PM.  We will meet in the hotel lobby at 6:45 to car pool over.

Palm Pilot V Winner

Chris Querze of Plymouth won the Viridien Technologies door prize.

Volunteers Needed!

Boskone is run completely by volunteers.  If you have an hour to spare, please stop by the Information Table (next to Registration).  We always need help with con move out Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.  There will be a work session at the NESFA club house on Monday evening to unpack the truck.  All are welcome!

Virtual Devniad

The Ethics of “Orbita Dicta”

“I was kind to Mark Olson.  I didn’t write down all the books he said were appalling.”  --- Darcy Campion Devney (in the tradition of  her sibling)

Comments Made During “Conventions on Three Continents:”

Peter Weston about Malcolm Edwards

“Malcolm has ascended to a higher plane.”

Joe Siclari, commenting on the difference between a regional con and a Worldcon:

“A 350 person con can be run by 10 people.  A 1000 person con can be run by 20 people.  A Worldcon (4000 people) con needs about 10% of the attendees or about 500 people…Fans don’t realize the amount of time just spent communicating with the committee.”

Stephen Boucher:

“Worldcon has gotten to the point where, even if everyone in that country dropped dead, we’d still have a Worldcon.”

Comments Made During “Murder in Other Places,” During a Discussion of FTL Travel:

Paul Levinson:  “In Dune, they fold space…”

Ellen Asher:  “Do they also press and deliver?”

Fire Alarms Explained

Dust from renovations caused an older smoke detector to go off twice yesterday.  It has been replaced.  The Sheraton apologizes for any inconvenience.

Weather Report from the Boston Globe

The bad weather is over (yay!).  It will be partly sunny today, with highs in the upper 30s and winds 15-20 mph.  Tomorrow will be sunny with highs in the mid-30s and windy until the early evening.  Travel safely!

Laurie D. T. Mann                               Helmuth Editor

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