Boskone 41

The New England Science Fiction Association

Boskone 41

February 13-15, 2004

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$41 until Jan. 18, 2004

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Full At-the-door—$50

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Sheraton Boston Hotel
39 Dalton Street
Boston, Mass.
Phone: 617-236-2000
Fax: 617-236-1702

Room rates
single: $125; double: $135;
triple: $145; quad: $155
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Exhibits & Services

FANAC Fan History Project—Be part of the FHP, dedicated to preserving our science fiction and fannish heritage and making this material available to the present-day fan. Check out the web page at . There are fannish reference works and thousands of photographs on the web site. You may even find your own picture there!

We will be at Boskone to archive our past. We'll have a scanning station to record photos and a small display to tell you more about us. If you have unusual items, we'll try to photograph or record them at the convention. If you have any photos, fanzines, publications or other memorabilia that you might be interested in donating to the FHP collection, contact Joe Siclari at or talk with him at the convention. All donations are tax-deduct- ible.

FANAC and the Retro-Hugos: The Fan History Project has established special reference pages for the Noreascon 4 Retro-Hugo Awards. Go to to see material by professional artists, fan artists and writers, complete fanzines and lists of the fiction eligible for the 1953 Retro-Hugo Awards, to be voted on this year.

Art Show & Print Shop—Our Art Show includes a special exhibit of the works of our Official Artist Richard Hescox, plus about 90 panels and a dozen tables full of original SF and Fantasy artwork, most of which is available for sale by written bid at the con. Also check out our Print Shop for many great items for immediate sale. The Art Show will be located on the second floor in the Back Bay Ballroom.

Dealers' Room—The Dealers' Room (aka The Hucksters' Room) will feature a wide variety of science fiction, fantasy, and genre books, jewelry, clothing, and all manner of other fun stuff. Check the Boskone web site ( after January 20, 2004 for a list of dealers scheduled to attend. The Dealers' Room will be on the second floor in the Back Bay Ballroom, sharing space with the Art Show.

Con Suite—The Con Suite will be on the Program floor (third floor) in the center of the convention. Everyone is welcome to stop by the Commonwealth Room for soda and munchies, to meet other fans (you might want to sign up for birds of a feather meetings with them!), or just to relax for awhile. Children may not be left unattended. Gaming Room—This year's Game Room will feature lots of options for players of Magic: The Gathering, specialized board games, and people who want to play everything from checkers to Dungeons and Dragons. It will be in the Independence East Ballroom.

Volunteers—The best way to meet other people at a convention is by volunteering, and Boskone needs you! Science fiction conventions run on blood, sweat, and volunteers. The Volunteers department allocates volunteers among the many different areas that need them—opportunities are available for all physical and mental abilities. If you are willing to help, please fill out the volunteer form (including a Release Form) at Information. Those who work at least six hours will receive a gift. If you are under 18, your parent or guardian must sign the Release Form (but you'll only have to work 4 hours for your gift).

Information—This year Information will be where everyone thought it ought to be last year—in the open windows of the Meeting Planning Office across from the Constitution Ballroom on the second floor. Information is your place to find answers to your questions. You'll also be able to pre-register for a discussion group, a kaffeeklatsch, or other event that requires sign-up; to drop off items for the convention newsletter, or get the latest copy of Helmuth. Stop by the Information office and see what we can do for you!

The restaurant guide will also be available on-line at . Because Boskone weekend coincides with Valentine's Day, you may want to make reservations well in advance. If you have to cancel, the restaurants will have no problem filling that vacancy.

Club & Bid Tables—Want to publicize your club, convention, or bid? We will have tables available for this purpose. Table space is limited, so please write or email us (at ) in advance.

NewsletterHelmuth, Speaking for Boskone, the convention newsletter, features updates and changes to the program as well as lists of parties and other news. Copies of Helmuth will be distributed around the hotel—Art Show, Dealers' Room, Con Suite, et al. You can always find copies at Information on the Grand Promenade. Helmuth is always in the market for line art. If you have any convention-related illos, please e-mail them to

NESFA Press—This year the Boskone book is The Hunters of Pangaea by Stephen Baxter. The cover art is by our Official Artist—Richard Hescox. The book will be available in both a trade and boxed state from the NESFA Sales table in the Dealers' Room. We will also have the latest "NESFA's Choice" book at Boskone: Silverlock by John Myers Myers. Powers of Two by Tim Powers, a book produced by NESFA Press for Arisia 2004, will also be available.

In connection with the launch of Silverlock, NESFA Press is pleased to welcome Karen Anderson, long-time fan of Silverlock and contributor of supplemental material for NESFA Press' reprint of this book, as its guest at this Boskone.

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