Boskone 50

NESFA's Regional Science Fiction Convention

What's New

Link to this page for the latest news about Boskone 50. We'll also keep our Facebook, Twitter and LiveJournal accounts up-to-date with the latest news so follow us online.

2013.2.16 - NESFA published John's fanzine Neither Complete Nor Conclusive at Boskone.
2013.2.15 - Boskone's newsletter, Helmuth is online.
2013.2.15 - Have a mobile device? Get Guidebook for Boskone schedule and participant information.
2013.2.14 - Accessing complementary WIFI from your room.
2013.2.11 - List of Hucksters.
2013.2.10 - Schedule (as of 2/10 - may change slightly by the con).
2013.2.6 - Code of Conduct.
2013.2.6 - Weather forcast in Boston.
2013.2.5 - Gaming Schedule & Rules, Guru of the Game Room Rules
2013.2.4 - Plans and deadlines for this year's Helmuth, Boskone's newsletter.
2013.1.24 - You can buy memberships at the at-the-door rate pre-con until 2/14, 5pm EST.

2013.1.21 - Pre-reg closes 1/23, 5pm EST.
2013.1.21 - Boston Wine Expo is running in the Seaport over Boskone - this can impact the availability of restaurant reservations for Saturday and Sunday evening.
2013.1.17 - The Boskone Facebook Events page has been removed due to privacy concerns; continue to follow us on Facebook using the Boskone Facebook Group page.
2013.1.15 - Arisia/Boskone Restaurant Guide is up, aong with a Google Map of the area.
2013.1.13 - The Art Show is sold out.
2013.1.9 - Anime schedule is online.
2013.1.9 - Progress Report 2 is online.
2013.1.7 - Join John Hertz for his Classics of Science Fiction discussions.
2013.1.4 - Program participant list is updated and has all the biographies we've received linked to it.
2012.11.19 - Double-doubles (hotel rooms with two double beds) are sold out.
2012.11.13 - If you'd like to show your work in the Art Show, the Artist Entry Form is online.
2012.10.30 - Interested in getting selling in the Huckster Room? Fill out the Huckster Room Request Form.
2012.10.25 - Souvenir Book Ad Rates/Due Dates
2012.10.25 - Boskone 50 flyer
2012.10.07 - Jerry Pounelle is Boskone's NESFA Press guest.
2012.09.20 - Boston Globe mentions Boskone & NESFA in an article on geekery in the region.
2012.09.19 - Art Show Rules for the 2013 Art Show.
2012.08.07 - Jordin Kare will be the Hal Clement Science Speaker.
2012.05.21 - Hotel forms are up. Please note we will be sharing the hotel with the dancing competition again so Boskone only has a few double-doubles.