Boskone 50

NESFA's Regional Science Fiction Convention

Tom Easton

Program Participant

Tom Easton was the book columnist for Analog for 30 years. He holds doctorate in theoretical biology from the University of Chicago and teaches at Thomas College in Waterville, ME.

His latest nonfiction books are Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Energy and Society, 2nd ed. (McGraw-Hill, 2012), Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Science, Technology, and Society (McGraw-Hill, 10th ed., 2012), Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Environmental Issues (McGraw-Hill, 14th ed. Rev., 2012), and Classic Editions Sources: Environmental Studies (McGraw-Hill, 4th., 2012).

His latest novels are Firefight (Betancourt, 2003) and The Great Flying Saucer Conspiracy (Wildside, 2002) (both available as ebooks from Naked Reader Press).

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