Boskone 51, NESFA's Regional Science Fiction Convention

Hucksters Room

Looking for an interesting book, piece of jewelry, comic, T-shirt, button or the latest from NESFA Press? The Boskone Hucksters Room provides a varied shopping experience, just steps from the Con Suite and the Gaming Room.

Our Huckster Request Page is up, so if you want to reserve space, we'll be happy to hear from you. Write to Hucksters Room if you have any questions about dealer space.


Fo' Paws
Dragon Press
Ira Kaplowitz (books)
Kelly Kotulak (art and jewelry)
thomas nackid (art)
Broad Universe
Arc Manor
Keith Yatsuhashi (indie author)
Larry Smith Bookseller
Angelwear Creations
Sunspot Designs
Donna M. Dube (jewelry)
Eyrie House Books
Sign of the Unicorn (jewelry)
Fantastic Books
Auntie Arwen/Hutnik's Used Books
Dragon's Lair
Jean Gonzalez (books)
Arbrihette Yawa (indie author)
Pink Narcisus Press
Tumble Home Learning
AC10 Shirts