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About Programming

Boskone's Program offers an exciting variety of science fiction and fantasy panels, talks, discussions, demos, and workshops led by a diverse selection of program participants and speakers that range from authors, artists, publishers, editors, against, fans, and educators and librarians. We include hard SF and space opera, epic and urban fantasy, science and art, fandom and anime, new media and TV, horror and comics, music and singing, and heaps of related topics! 

Program also includes interviews with our Guest of Honor, slide-shows and demos with our artists, and individual solo presentations by experts within their fields. You can expect exciting, cutting-edge programming at Boskone. Since programming items run concurrently, it will be your tough decision as to what to attend! If you have questions or ideas, please write to Program at Boskone because we want to hear from you.

Types of Programming

In addition to our regular program items, Boskone also hosts special events and parties throughout the weekend: