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Volunteer for Boskone and Win a Free Trip to Venus!

Okay, that's a lie. There's no free trip to Venus. But we really, really need your help, and we hope you help us to build a great Boskone! And you will have our eternal gratitude, some spiffy rewards, and even the chance to come to Boskone next year for free. Plus, it's a great way to meet people!

Everyone who works on Boskone is a volunteer, and we'd love to have you join our merry band.

The types of things we need volunteers for include: 

How do I volunteer?

Just send us an email at before the con or stop by the Volunteers desk in the Galleria during Boskone. 

Live in the Boston-area?

If you're local and would like to meet us before the convention, we'll be putting things together at our clubhouse in Somerville, Massachusetts in February. Drop us email at for more information.


We always need help Thursday evening at the convention hotel (Westin Boston Waterfront). If you can help us unload the truck full of convention-running goodies, build our Art Show, or do various tedious sit-down tasks made delightful by good company (and yummy by the Secret Buffet of Fandom), that happens on the night before the convention begins. And, of course, we could use help during the convention, at the end with packing it all back up, and getting it into and out of the truck.

To give you an idea of when we might need people, here's a table with expected worksessions before Boskone. Please check back closer to the con for the latest details!

Boskone 52 Schedule

Sun, Feb 8, 1pm Badge production, packing boxes for truck-loading NESFA Clubhouse
504 Medford St.
Wed, Feb 11, 6pm Truck loading NESFA Clubhouse
Thu, Feb 12, 3pm
new time for
Boskone 52
Truck unloading, convention setup
volunteer reg
Westin Waterfront
425 Summer St.
Fri-Sun, Feb 13-15 Boskone - stop at Volunteers in
Galleria for staffing needs
Westin Waterfront
Sun, Feb 15, 3pm Teardown & truck loading Westin Waterfront
Mon, Feb 16, 1pm Truck unloading as soon as truck arrives at clubhouse NESFA Clubhouse


Besides the satisfaction of a job well done, spiffy rewards include nifty t-shirts for folks who work 6 hours or more, free books, munchies (we want to keep you moving!), and a free membership to next year's Boskone for people who work 12 hours or more.

Dead Dog Party

The Dead Dog party occurs Sunday after teardown, celebrating taking down the Art Show (and surviving it!), packing up the office, loading the truck, and bringing the convention to a successful end. We celebrate in the Galleria. Please pitch in with teardown. The more help we get, the sooner the party starts!

And we promise: just as soon as a free trip to Venus is available, we'll put your name in the hat!