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Restaurant Guide

We have a new joint Restaurant Guide with Arisia this year.

Eater Boston has info about local restaurants. named Cambridge's Alden and Harlow as the best burger in the country

Eating in the Hotel

Sauciety (to right of lobby)
Open Monday - Friday 6:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Open Saturday - Sunday 7:00- 2:30 PM
Excellent breakfast and full breakfast buffet.

Starbucks (to right of lobby, behind the up escalator)
Open daily 6:00 AM-7:00 PM

Birch Bar (lobby)
Open daily 11:00 AM - 2:30 PM and 4:00 PM- 12:00 AM
Assorted small plates and drinks.

City Bar (left of lobby)
Open daily 4:30 PM-2:00 AM (kitchen closes at 11:00 PM)
Light snacks and full bar.

MJ O'Connors (left of lobby)
Open daily 11:30AM - 2:00 AM (kitchen closes at midnight)
Very good pub food and drinks.

Laugh Boston (left of lobby), a comedy club in the Westin, is open at noon Tuesday through Saturday. Jessimae Peluso is performing February 12-14.
Light snacks and full bar.

Room Service - 24 hours

If you have food allergies or other dietary requirements, talk to the hotel. They will do anything possible for special diets, including substituting any ingredient they have in the kitchen for what the dish comes with. They have gluten-free rolls, breads, and pastries and will substitute vegetables, fruits, or whatever for sides and ingredients that are not on my low-carb, low-fat, low-salt, non-dairy, non-fermented diet. If you need something special, let them know in advance and they will have it on hand. The room service menu, which is more extensive, id available at Sauciety in addition to your room. Call the Sauciety Restaurant Manager at 617-532-4600 if you need to discuss any special food needs.

Don't forget that MJ O'Connors and the City Bar are not managed by the Westin, so they may not have the kind of menu flexibility the Westin may be capable of.

There is a small grocery/deli nearby - J Pace and Son at 1 Park Lane. Walk down D St. towards Boston Harbor, after Congress St., take your next right onto Park. This Italian market has a grocery store and a take out area including hot prepared foods, full bakery and salad bar. They also do catering if you wanted to share with a group of friends.

Restaurants That Deliver!

Remember, the hotel's address is: 425 Summer St., Boston, MA 02210 lets you sort restaurants that deliver by location, type and hours open.

My Diner, 98 A St., South Boston has free delivery (Mon-Sat 5am-2pm, Sun 6am-2pm) so you can have breakfast or lunch delivered!

Rock Sugar Thai Cafe is now called Lanta Asian Cuisine, 38 Batterymarch St. (617) 482-6046

Cafe Mamtaz serves authentic gourmet Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi cuisine. Very friendly folks and they understand what vegan means! They have standards such as tikka masala, gosht vindaloo, shahi pulau, mulligatawny soup, lamb samosas and tandoori dishes. They also do catering, and will deliver after 5pm. (617) 464-4800 or order online.

Lee Chens has both Chinese and Mexican dishes. Beans are cooked without animal products. Tel: (617) 269-0061


KO Catering and Pies, 87 A Street, is takeaway food (a few tables) but if there are any homesick Aussies in the crowd, it might be worth to stop off early to pickup some meat pies or other Australian favorites. They also deliver several nights a week. This is about 1.25 miles from the hotel.

Restaurants with their Own Shuttle

Amrheins Restaurant in South Boston has a new free shuttle service. For a free ride both ways (Mon-Sat starting at 5pm and starting at Sundays at 10am) you would need to make arrangements with the restaurant.

24-hour Restaurants

Yes, Boston does have a 24hr diner. (Well at least on the weekends...) So if have a car or cab and need late nite food, you can drive to Victoria's Diner at 1024 Mass Ave. I hear there is also Chicken & Waffle open late on Mass Ave.

Boston Brewing

Boston was one of the leaders of the craft beer revolution in 1986 with Sam Adams. Since then, breweries have opened all over Boston, including at least two which are within a mile of Boskone:

The nearby Franklin Cafe, 152 Dorchester Ave (1.2 miles from Boskone) has a number of locally-made craft beers; it's open for dinner and brunch.