# Date Location
all in MA
Chair Guests1 Boskone Book Size2 Membership35 Notes
The First Series: These conferences (or fan gatherings) were initially sponsored by The Stranger Club3, the first stf organization in the greater Boston area. More details about them can be found in All Our Yesterdays by Harry Warner, Jr. (Advent: Publishers) and in the Noreascon 3 Souvenir Book. Canonicity for the Boskone numbers is found in Warner and in Fantasy Fiction Field for November 8, 1941, which specifically mentions Boskones I and II. Boskone II had the fannish skit "Legions of Legions." Reference to the fourth Boskone (with attendance) is from Fanewscard #111, dated February 14, 1945.
I late Feb 1941 R. D. Swisher home, Winchester Art Widner

25   4
II 22 Feb 1942 Ritz Plaza, Boston Art Widner

III 28 Feb 1943 Ritz Plaza, Boston Suddsy Schwartz Claude Degler
IV 3-4 Feb 1945 R. D. Swisher home, Winchester
Milt Rothman, Jack Riggs, Art Widner, N. F. Stanley, R. D. Swisher
5   5
V 2 Sep 1945 Hotel Hawthorne, Salem Doris Currier

9   6
Present Series: The current series of Boskones was started by the Boston Science Fiction Society (BoSFS) as part of its bidding strategy for "Boston in '67." BoSFS ran Boskones 1, 2, and 4. Boskone 3 was actually run by Erwin S[heehan] Strauss but, because of its venue, it was officially sponsored by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Science Fiction Society (MITSFS). The New England Science Fiction Association (NESFA) has run all Boskones starting with Boskone V. Each Boskone had a different Program Book cover. The number in the first column is in Arabic or Roman numerals depending on how that year's Program Book spelled them.
I 10-12 Sep 1965 Statler-Hilton, Boston Dave Vanderwerf Hal Clement, Dr. Robert Enzmann
66   7
II 11-13 Mar 1966 Statler-Hilton, Boston Dave Vanderwerf Frederik Pohl, Dwight Wayne Batteau, Prof. Igor Paul, Prof. Oliver Selfridge
71   8
III 1-3 Oct 1966 MIT, Cambridge Erwin Strauss John W. Campbell, Oliver Selfridge
68   9
IV 1-2 Apr 1967 Statler-Hilton, Boston Paul Galvin GoH: Damon Knight, Marvin Minsky
72   8
V 23-24 Mar 1968 Statler-Hilton, Boston Paul Galvin GoH: Larry Niven, Warren McCulloch
155   11
VI 22-23 Mar 1969 Statler-Hilton, Boston Leslie Turek GoH: Jack Gaughan
A: Stephen Fabian
Louis Sutro

Full $2.50/$2.00Door/Pre-reg
TSA only $1.00 44
VII 27-29 Mar 1970 Statler-Hilton, Boston Tony Lewis GoH: Gordon R. Dickson
A: George Barr
SS: Donald Menzel

Full $3/$2Door/Pre-reg

8 12-14 Mar 1971 Sheraton Rolling Green, Andover Bill Desmond GoH: Larry Niven
Full $4/$3Door/Pre-reg
9 14-16 Apr 1972 Statler-Hilton, Boston Fred Isaacs GoH: L. Sprague de Camp
A: Don Simpson
SS: Richard Rosa
Scribblings 403
Full $5/$3Door/Pre-reg

10 9-11 Mar 1973 Sheraton Boston Suford Lewis GoH: Robert A. W. Lowndes
A: Frank Kelly Freas
SS: Phyllis Brauner
The Three Faces of Science Fiction 405
Full $5/$3Door/Pre-reg

11 1-3 Mar 1974 Sheraton Boston Don & Jill Eastlake GoH: Isaac Asimov
OA: Eddie Jones
SS: Dr. Isaac Asimov
Have You Seen These? 701
Full $5/$3Door/Pre-reg
12 28 Feb-2 Mar 1975 Sheraton Boston Ann & Terry McCutchen GoH: Anne McCaffrey
OA: Bonnie Dalzell
SS: Robert Enzmann
A Time When 935
Full $6/$4Door/Pre-reg
13 13-15 Feb 1976 Sheraton Boston Ellen Franklin & Jim Hudson GoH: Poul Anderson
OA: Rick Sternbach
Homebrew 900
Full $8/$5Door/Pre-reg

14 18-20 Feb 1977 Sheraton Boston Tony Lewis GoH: Ben Bova
OA: John Schoenherr
Viewpoint 1010
Full $8/$5Door/Pre-reg

15 17-19 Feb 1978 Sheraton Boston Jill Eastlake GoH: John Brunner
OA: Arthur Thomson (ATom)
SS: Marvin Minsky
Tomorrow May be Even Worse 1454
Full $10/$6Door/Pre-reg
XVI 16-18 Feb 1979 Sheraton Boston Don Eastlake GoH: Frank Herbert
OA: Mike Symes
SS: Marc C. Chartrand
Symes Art Portfolio 1950
Full $10/$8Door/Pre-reg

17 15-17 Feb 1980 Radisson Ferncroft, Danvers Chip Hitchcock GoH: Spider & Jeanne Robinson
OA: Victoria Poyser
(none) 800
Original 45 $12/$8Door/Pre-reg
Full $10/$7Door/Pre-reg
XVIII 13-15 Feb 1981 Sheraton Boston Gail Hormats GoH: Tanith Lee
OA: Don Maitz
Unsilent Night 1609
Full $15/$12Door/Pre-reg

XIX 12-14 Feb 1982 Boston Park Plaza Rob Spence GoH: Donald A. Wollheim
OA: Michael Whelan
The Men from Ariel 2270
Full $18/$12Door/Pre-reg
XX 18-20 Feb 1983 Boston Park Plaza Pat Vandenberg GoH: Mack Reynolds27
OA: Wendy Pini
SS: Jeff Hecht
Compounded Interests 2420
Full $19/$13Door/Pre-reg
XXI 17-19 Feb 1984 Boston Park Plaza Rick Katze GoH: Gene Wolfe
OA: Vincent Di Fate
SG: David G. Hartwell
Plan[e]t Engineering 2718
Full $20/$14Door/Pre-reg
XXII 15-17 Feb 1985 Copley Marriott, Boston Ann Broomhead GoH: Kate Wilhelm & Damon Knight
OA: Carl Lundgren
SG: Shawna McCarthy
Late Knight Edition 3420
Full $22/$17Door/Pre-reg
Pastiche (game)
XXIII 14-16 Feb 1986 Sheraton Boston Mark Olson GoH: Robert Bloch
OA: Bob Eggleton
SG: Tom Doherty
Out of My Head 3919
Full $25/$17/$16Door/Pre-reg/Year Ahead33
XXIV 13-15 Feb 1987 Sheraton Boston Chip Hitchcock GoH: C. J. Cherryh
OA: Barclay Shaw
SG: Tom Clareson
Glass and Amber 4200
Full $27/$17Door/Pre-reg
XXV 29-31 Jan 1988 Sheraton Tara Springfield, Springfield Marriott Jim & Laurie Mann GoH: Greg Bear
OA: David Mattingly
SG: Ellen Asher
Early Harvest 1327
Full $40/$25Door/Pre-reg
26 27-29 Jan 1989 Sheraton Tara Springfield, Springfield Marriott Claire & Dave Anderson GoH: Tim Powers
OA: James Gurney
SG: Tom Whitmore
An Epitaph in Rust 1250
Full ??/$25/$24Door/Pre-reg/Year Ahead33
XXVII 16-18 Feb 1990 Sheraton Tara Springfield, Springfield Marriott Mike DiGenio GoH: Glen Cook
OA: David A. Cherry
SG: Charles Ryan
Sung in Blood 970
Full $42/$26/$25Door/Pre-reg/Year Ahead33

XXVIII 15-17 Feb 1991 Sheraton Tara Springfield, Springfield Marriott Rick Katze GoH: Mike Resnick
OA: Ed Emshwiller27
SG: Brian Thomsen
Stalking the Wild Resnick 888
Full $40/$28/$26Door/Pre-reg/Year Ahead33
29 14-16 Feb 1992 Sheraton Tara Springfield, Springfield Marriott Priscilla Olson GoH: Jane Yolen
OA: Jody Lee
SG: Dave Langford
FF: Kathy Mar
Storyteller 840
Full $40/$29/$26Door/Pre-reg/Year Ahead33
Daily $15/$25/$15Fri/Sat/Sun
Let's Hear It for the Deaf Man
30 19-21 Feb 1993 Sheraton Tara, Framingham Greg Thokar GoH: Joe Haldeman
OA: Tom Kidd
SG: Beth Meacham
FF: Duane Elms
Vietnam and Other Alien Worlds 851
Full ??/??/$26Door/Pre-reg/Year Ahead33
Daily ??/??/??Fri/Sat/Sun

31 18-20 Feb 1994 Sheraton Tara, Framingham Ben Yalow GoH: Emma Bull & Will Shetterly
OA: Nicholas Jainschigg
SG: Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden
FF: Cecilia Eng
Double Feature 875
Full $40/$30/$27Door/Pre-reg/Year Ahead33
Daily $20/$25/$15Fri/Sat/Sun

Making Book
32 17-19 Feb 1995 Sheraton Tara, Framingham Gay Ellen Dennett GoH: Diana Wynne Jones
OA: Ruth Sanderson
SG: Fred Lerner & Patricia Wrede
FF: Talis Kimberley
Everard's Ride 902 / 1037
Full $40/$32/$28Door/Pre-reg/Year Ahead33
Daily $20/$25/$15Fri/Sat/Sun

A Bookman's Fantasy
33 16-18 Feb 1996 Sheraton Tara, Framingham Tim Szczesuil & Ann Broomhead GoH: Lois McMaster Bujold
OA: Gary Ruddell
SG: Bob Madle
FF: Musical Chairs
Dreamweaver's Dilemma 829 / 983
Full $43/$33/$30Door/Pre-reg/Year Ahead33
Daily $15/$30/$15Fri/Sat/Sun
34 14-16 Feb 1997 Sheraton Tara, Framingham Davey Snyder GoH: John M. Ford
OA: Ron Walotsky
SG: Jerry Kaufman & Suzanne Tompkins
FF: Tom Smith
From the End of the Twentieth Century ~800 / 991
Full $43/$34/$30Door/Pre-reg/Year Ahead33
Daily $15/$30/$17Fri/Sat/Sun
35 13-15 Feb 1998 Sheraton Tara, Framingham Bonnie & Ted Atwood GoH: Walter Jon Williams
OA: Omar Rayyan
SG: Stanley Schmidt
FF: Joe Ellis
Frankensteins and Foreign Devils ~800 / 991
Full $45/$34/$30Door/Pre-reg/Year Ahead33
Daily $15/$32/$17Fri/Sat/Sun
36 12-14 Feb 1999 Sheraton Tara, Framingham Deb Geisler GoH: Connie Willis
OA: Stephen Youll
SG: Teddy Harvia & Diana Thayer
FF: Ed Stauff and Mary Ellen Wessels
(none) 759 / 986
Full $45/$35/$32Door/Pre-reg/Year Ahead33
Daily $15/$32/$17Fri/Sat/Sun

37 18-20 Feb 2000 Sheraton, Framingham Claire & Dave Anderson GoH: Michael Swanwick
OA: Rick Berry
SG: Peter Weston
FF: Jordin Kare
Moon Dogs 790 / 960
Full $45/$36/$32Door/Pre-reg/Year Ahead33
Daily $15/$33/$17Fri/Sat/Sun
38 16-18 Feb 2001 Sheraton, Framingham Priscilla Olson GoH: George R. R. Martin
OA: Charles Vess
SG: Jack Cohen
FF: Juanita Coulson
NPG: William Tenn
Quartet 933/1093
Full $46/$36/$34Door/Pre-reg/Year Ahead33
Daily $15/$33/$17Fri/Sat/Sun

39 15-17 Feb 2002 Sheraton, Framingham Pam Fremon GoH: Neil Gaiman
OA: Steve Hickman
SG: Marv Wolfman
FF: Tom Holt28
NPG: Robert Sheckley
Adventures in the Dream Trade 1108/1266
Full $46/$38/$36Door/Pre-reg/Year Ahead33
Daily $15/$33/$17Fri/Sat/Sun
Expecting Beowulf
40 14-16 Feb 2003 Sheraton Boston Sharon Sbarsky GoH: David Brin
OA: Jim Burns
SG: Charles N. Brown
FF: Clam Chowder
NPG: William Tenn
Tomorrow Happens 1154/1320
Full $48/$40/$36Door/Pre-reg/Year Ahead33
Daily $15/$35/$17Fri/Sat/Sun
41 13-15 Feb 2004 Sheraton Boston Rick Katze GoH: Stephen Baxter
OA: Richard Hescox
SG: Betsy Mitchell
FF: Brenda & Bill Sutton
HCSS: John Cramer
NPG: Karen Anderson
The Hunters of Pangaea 982/1145
Full $50/$41/$38Door/Pre-reg/Year Ahead33
Daily $15/$35/$17Fri/Sat/Sun
42 18-20 Feb 2005 Sheraton Boston Priscilla Olson GoH: Orson Scott Card
OA: Alan Pollack
SG: Mike Glyer
FF: Urban Tapestry
HCSS: Alastair Reynolds
NPG: Frederik Pohl & Elizabeth Anne Hull
(none) 1014/1186
Full $50/$42/$38Door/Pre-reg/Year Ahead33
Daily $15/$35/$17Fri/Sat/Sun
43 17-19 Feb 2006 Sheraton Boston Pam Fremon GoH: Ken MacLeod
OA: Donato Giancola
SG: Cory Doctorow
FF: Steve Macdonald
HCSS: William K. Hartmann
NPG: Robert Sheckley27 & Mike Resnick
Giant Lizards from Another Star 1104/1284
Full $52/$43/$39Door/Pre-reg/Year Ahead33
Daily $16/$36/$18Fri/Sat/Sun
44 16-18 Feb 2007 Westin Waterfront Tony & Suford Lewis GoH: David Gerrold
OA: Gary A. Lippincott
SG: Brother Guy Consolmagno, SJ
FF: Lee & Barry Gold
HCSS: Richard Binzel
NPG: Christopher Stasheff
The Involuntary Human 1057/1268
Full $53/$44/$39Door/Pre-reg/Year Ahead33
Daily $16/$37/$18Fri/Sat/Sun
45 15-17 Feb 2008 Westin Waterfront Gay Ellen Dennett GoH: David Weber
OA: Dean Morrissey
SG: Bruce Coville
FF: Seanan McGuire
NPG: Howard Waldrop, Pamela Sargent, & George Zebrowski
The One Right Thing (Bruce Coville) 1056/1263
Full $54/$45/$40Door/Pre-reg/Year Ahead33
Daily $16/$38/$18Fri/Sat/Sun
46 13-15 Feb 2009 Westin Waterfront Lis Carey GoH: Jo Walton
OA: Stephan Martiniere
SG: Irene Gallo
FF: Dr. H. Paul Shuch (Dr. SETI)
HCSS: Geoffrey Landis
NPG: Greg and Astrid Bear
Lifelode 959/1139
Staff/Min33 $40 $40 $40
Pre-reg39 $46 $46 $46

Full Weekend $56 $46 $46
Friday $16 $11 $11
Saturday $40 $27 $27
Sunday $20 $13 $13
Sibyls & Spaceships
47 12-14 Feb 2010 Westin Waterfront Jim Mann GoH: Alastair Reynolds
OA: John Picacio
SG: Tom Shippey
FF: Mary Crowell
HCSS: Vernor Vinge
NPG: Lois McMaster Bujold & Michael Whelan
Deep Navigation 1065/1262
Staff/Min33 $40 $40 $40
Pre-reg39 $47 $47 $47

Full Weekend $57 $47 $47
Friday $15 $12 $12
Saturday $42 $28 $28
Sunday $20 $13 $13
Sat/Eve41 $20 $20 $20
48 18-20 Feb 2011 Westin Waterfront Priscilla Olson GoH: Charles Stross
OA: Gregory Manchess
SG: Charlaine Harris
FF: Erica Neely
HCSS: Joan Slonczewski
NPG: Karen Anderson
Scratch Monkey 1047/1247
Staff/Min33 $40 $35 $25
Pre-reg39 $49 $35 $25

Full Weekend $58 $35 $25
Friday $15 $10 $10
Saturday $43 $25 $25
Sunday $15 $10 $10
49 17-19 Feb 2012 Westin Waterfront Sharon Sbarsky GoH: John Scalzi
OA: Daniel Dos Santos
SG: Toni Weisskopf
FF: Tricky Pixie
HCSS: Bruce Schneier
NPG: Jerry Pournelle28
24 Frames into the Future 1201/1384
Plus 72(34)
Staff/Min33 $40 $30 $20
Pre-reg39 $49 $35 $25

Full Weekend $55 $35 $25
Friday $15 $10 $10
Saturday $40 $25 $25
Sunday $15 $10 $10
50 15-17 Feb 2013 Westin Waterfront Rick Kovalcik GoH: Vernor Vinge
OA: Lisa Snellings
SG: John Hertz
Musician: Heather Dale
HCSS: Jordin T. Kare
NPG: Jerry Pournelle
Neither Complete nor Conclusive 1042/1263
Staff/Min33 $40 $30 $20
Pre-reg39 $50 $35 $25

Full Weekend $55 $35 $25
Friday $15 $10 $10
Saturday $40 $25 $25
Sunday $15 $10 $10
51 14-16 Feb 2014 Westin Waterfront Ann Broomhead GoH: Seanan McGuire
OA: David Palumbo
SG: Ginjer Buchanan
FF: Bill Roper
HCSS: Bill Higgins
NPG: Jane Yolen
Letters to the Pumpkin King 986/1236
Staff/Min33 $40 $30 $20
Pre-reg39 $50 $35 $25

Full Weekend $55 $40 $25
Friday $15 $15 $10
Saturday $40 $40 $25
Sunday $15 $15 $10
52 13-15 Feb 2015 Westin Waterfront Adina Adler GoH: Steven Brust
OA: Charles Lang and Wendy Snow-Lang
SG: Robert K. Wiener
FF: Maya and Jeff Bohnhoff
HCSS: David L. Clements
NPG: Vincent Di Fate
Staff/Min33 $40 $30 $20
Pre-reg39 $50 $35 $25

Full Weekend $60 $40 $25
Friday $20 $20 $10
Saturday $40 $40 $25
Sunday $20 $20 $10
53 19-21 Feb 2016 Westin Waterfront Tim Szczesuil GoH: Garth Nix
OA: Richard Anderson
SG: Arnie & Cathy Fenner
FF: Vixy & Tony
NPG: Bob Eggleton
The Grimm Future 1051/1327
Staff/Min33 $40 $30 $20
Pre-reg39 $50 $35 $25

Full Weekend $65 $40 $25
Friday $25 $20 $10
Saturday $45 $40 $25
Sunday $25 $20 $10
54 17-19 Feb 2017 Westin Waterfront Erin Underwood GoH: Brandon Sanderson
OA: Dave Seeley
SG: Maryelizabeth Yturralde
FF: The Fabulous Lorraine & Lojo Russo
HCSS: Milton Davis
NPG: Ken MacLeod
Staff/Min33 $40 $30 $20
Pre-reg39 $55 $35 $25

Full Weekend $65 $40 $25
Friday $25 $20 $10
Saturday $45 $40 $25
Sunday $25 $20 $10
55 16-18 Feb 2018 Westin Waterfront Gay Ellen Dennett GoH: Mary Robinette Kowal
OA: Marianne Plumridge
SG: Craig Miller
YAGoH: Tamora Pierce
HCSS: Catherine Asaro
NPG: Nat Segaloff
Staff/Dealer/Min33/40 $45 $35 $25
Pre-reg39 $55 $35 $25

Full Weekend $65 $40 $25
Friday $25 $20 $10
Saturday $50 $40 $20
Sunday $20 $20 $10
56 15-17 Feb 2019 Westin Waterfront Richard Duffy GoH: Elizabeth Hand
OA: Jim Burns28
SG: Christopher Golden
YAGoH: Cindy Pon
HCSS: Vandana Singh
NPG: Gardner Dozois27
On the Road with Gardner Dozois Humans:
Staff/Dealer/Min33 $45 $35 $25
Pre-reg39 $55 $35 $25

Full Weekend $65 $40 $25
Friday $25 $20 $10
Saturday $50 $40 $20
Sunday $20 $20 $10
57 14-16 Feb 2020 Westin Waterfront Rick Kovalcik GoH: Kim Stanley Robinson
OA: Eric Wilkerson
YAGoH: Holly Black
MG: Cheshire Moon
HCSS: Jon Singer
NPG: Jim Burns
Stan's Kitchen: A Robinson Reader 1121/1438
Year-Ahead33 $50 $35 $25
Pre-reg39 $60 $35 $25

Full Weekend $70 $40 $25
Friday $25 $20 $10
Saturday $50 $30 $20
Sunday $20 $20 $10
58 12–14 Feb 2021 Online Erin Underwood GoH: Joe Abercrombie
OA: Julie Dillon
SG: Sheree Renée Thomas
MG: Mark Gunn
HCSS: Christian Ready & Mike Brotherton
NPG: Ursula Vernon
Year-Ahead33 $50 $35 $25
Pre-reg39 $60 $35 $25

Virtual49all ages
All days$25
59 18–20 Feb 2022 Westin Waterfront Sharon Sbarsky GoH: Ted Chiang
OA: Sara Felix
SG: Tamsyn Muir
MG: Tim Griffin
HCSS: (None this year)
NPG: (None this year)
Virtual: 289(51)
$50 $30 $20
Pre-reg39 $60 $35 $25

Virtual49all ages
Any time52$29.59

Full Weekend 70 40 25
Friday 25 20 10
Saturday 50 30 20
Sunday 20 20 10
60 17–19 Feb 2023 Westin Waterfront Tim Szczesuil GoH: Nalo Hopkinson
OA: Victo Ngai
MG: Dave Clement
SG: Tui Sutherland
HCSS: Pending
NPG: Pending
$50 $30 $20
Pre-reg39 $60 $35 $25

Full Weekend ?? ?? ??
Friday ?? ?? ??
Saturday ?? ?? ??
Sunday ?? ?? ??


  1. Abbreviations: A: Artist, GoH: Guest of Honor, OA: Official Artist, SG: Special Guest, SS: Science Speaker, FF: Featured Filker, HCSS: Hal Clement Science Speaker, NPG: NESFA Press Guest, MG: Musical Guest, YA: Young Adult Guest.
    (FF, HCSS, and NPG were not considered GoHs before Boskone 50 (2013), though in 2017 we retroactively gave lifetime Boskone memberships to guests of any sort.).
  2. Where a single number is given, it is the warm-body count (actual attendance). Where two numbers are given, the first is the warm-body count, and the second is the total membership including program participants, lifetime members and former GoHs who attended, and no-shows. (No-shows include not only people who paid and couldn't attend for one reason or another, but also lifetime members who have gafiated and many former GOHs, who all received lifetime memberships.)
  3. The Stranger Club was the Fan Guest of Honor at Noreascon 3, the 47th World Science Fiction Convention, in 1989.
  4. This first series of Boskones had been completely forgotten when the second series of Boskones was started.
  5. Actually, the Guests list is the entire membership of the con.
  6. Called the "Northeast SF Conference" [claimed to be the first post-war SF con]. Currier was the MC.
  7. Guests were typically Guest of Honor, Official Artist and Science Speaker.
  8. Run by the Boston Science Fiction Society (mostly Mike Ward, Dave Vanderwerf, and Erwin "Filthy Pierre" Strauss, other members included Leslie Turek, Alma Hill, Ed & Paul Galvin, Andrew A. "Drew" Whyte, Hal Clement, and Ben Bova).
  9. Under the official sponsorship of MITSFS.
  10. Campbell was called "Principal Speaker."
  11. From 1968 (Boskone V) forward, all Boskones were sponsored by NESFA.
  12. A deliberately scaled-down, suburban Boskone to allow the committee to prepare for Noreascon 1.
  13. The Artist guest is now called the Official Artist.
  14. Ann Broomhead is the same person as Ann McCutchen.
  15. A Time When is the first part of The White Dragon.
  16. First Boskone T-shirt done.
  17. A deliberately scaled-down, suburban Boskone to allow the committee to prepare for Noreascon Two. Also known as BoskLone.
  18. From this point on, guests were Guest of Honor (a writer), Official Artist, and Special Guest.
  19. Boskone was probably the biggest SF convention in the world in 1985.
  20. Boskone blows up and moves out of Boston.
  21. Starting with this Boskone, a Featured Filker was added. The Featured Filker is not officially a Guest of Honor, but travel and room costs are picked up by the convention. MASSFILC helped pay for the first Featured Filker.
  22. The Great Boskone Blizzard finally happens with major snowfalls on both Friday and Sunday.
  23. FanHistoricon (a traveling fan history convention) was co-located with Boskone.
  24. A horrible database crash made it impossible to get exact registration and attendance numbers, but an examination of the Treasury income data showed that paid memberships were essentially the same as the previous year. There is no reason to think that the proportion of warm bodies on site was significantly different, either.
  25. Yet another Boskone Blizzard — 8" of snow between 3 pm and midnight Friday.
  26. The hotel changed its name from Sheraton Tara to Sheraton Framingham.
  27. Guest died prior to the convention.
  28. Guest was unable to attend the convention.
  29. Still yet another Boskone Blizzard — 27" of snow on Sunday-Monday stranding 50 members for Snokone.
  30. B42 was the first Boskone to offer rollover memberships to the following Boskone to volunteers who worked more than 16 hours. As of B46, the number of hours was dropped to 12.
  31. Pre-reg rate changed from $43 to $44 on 2006-10-10.
  32. Friday daily rate was posted as $17 on the web, but it was changed to $15 before the convention.
  33. This rate is the minimum rate offered for the convention. For much of the history of Boskone, it was called the “Year Ahead” rate, but more recently came to be known as the “ Staff” rate. As of B57, it was officially named the “Year-Ahead” rate. For Boskones XXIII and 26, this rate was good only during the previous Boskone, from Boskone XXVII through Boskone 30, it was good from the previous Boskone to the middle of the summer, and beginning with Boskone 31, it has been offered at the previous Boskone until the end of February, and remains fixed through the convention for Boskone staff & workers, (as of B56) dealers, and (as of B57) active military personnel.
  34. 88 people attended the Magic: The Gathering tournament, 16 of whom had attended the full convention. The tournament entry fee was $35, but only $20 for those also registered for Boskone 49.
  35. For most of Boskone history it was possible to purchase a lifetime membership to Boskone.
    Rates were:
    • Boskone 1-14: unavailable
    • Boskone 15-16: 10 x current pre-reg rate
    • Boskone 17-19: unavailable
    • Boskone 20-24: 20 x current pre-reg rate
    • Boskone 25-present: 14 x lowest pre-reg rate
  36. A larger number of noshows (difference between the warm body count and the total membership numbers) than usual, probably due to the bad weather; i.e., a foot of snow and 50mph winds on Saturday.
  37. Robin McKinley was originally named as Guest of Honor, but needed to withdraw for personal reasons.
  38. Huge snow storm sent lots of people home on Saturday and blocked many others from arriving as they closed down public transit. This was one of five snowstorms of more than a foot in depth contributing to a record winter in Boston. See this Wikipedia page for some details.
  39. The pre-reg rate is available from the day after the previous Boskone up through the middle of the following January.
  40. As of B55, the dealer rate was set to match the staff/worker rate (as noted in IM938), but we didn't get our accounting act together this year, so dealers were charged the standard pre-reg rate.
  41. Special $20 rate to see the Saturday Musical: Godson.
  42. Narniacon held a duck hunt, and the duck counts are shown under the human counts. The first number is the number of ducks the hunt started with and the second number is the number of ducks that flew away into the world.
  43. Starting with B57, rates are based on age, not on educational status, and active military was set to be the same rate as the lowest adult rate.
  44. Boskone VI hosted a meeting of the Tolkien Society of America, and had a special $1 fee for people attending that, but not the rest of the convention.
  45. Pre-reg rate for BoskLone was originally set at $12, and later reduced.
  46. In order to get the hotel to notice us spending money, we used $2-bills to give change at Registration.
  47. In order to get the hotel to notice us spending money, we used Eisenhower $1 coins to give change at Registration.
  48. B58 went virtual after B57 was done. Pre-reg memberships purchased for B58 at the normal $50/$60 rate, along with earned comp memberships, were rolled over to B59.
  49. Because many sessions at B58 and B59 were recorded and available up to two weeks after the convention, all virtual memberships were a flat fee, whenever they were purchased.
  50. Because B58 was virtual, the attendance count refers to people who signed in to one or more Zoom sessions.
  51. B59 was a hybrid convention. There were 548 people who picked up badges at the convention (normally referred to as the "warm body count"). There were 289 virtual-only members and program participants. The total number of members was 1287, which includes the 548 physical attendees and the 289 virtual members, plus others who qualify as members in categories such as life member, former GoHs, rollovers, and even paid members. That leaves 450 people who were eligible to show up in person, but who did not. We normally call these "no-shows", but they may have shown up virtually as all 1283 members were eligible to attend virtual sessions as well as view recorded panels for a month. The number of members who attended one or more virtual sessions is unknown.
  52. Non-virtual members, whether the member attended in person or not, were entitled to participate in the virtual part of the convention.

General notes