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ISBN: 1-886778-25-6
Page count: 190
Book Size: 5-1/2" x 8-3/4"
Published: September 2000

Third, revised edition, 2000

Compiled by Anthony R. Lewis
Cover design Alice N. S. Lewis

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Framingham, MA 01701
fax: 617-776-3243

Nominated for the 2000 Hugo Award in the Related Book Category

— A —


The name taken by E-ikasus when he was transformed into a monkey. He was the son of the E-telekeli. He was trained as a physician, surgeon, and barber; and assisted in the scunning of Rod McBan.

Pun: on agent = son acting here for the father. [PB]


An obsolete computer part way up in Earthport on Alpha Ralpha Boulevard. The words written on its doors are in English (possible dating?). It is a prediction machine and always works if you go up on the northern side. The Underpeople treated it as a god. It knew Paul and Virginia twelve years before they came into being. [AR] Lord Jestocost had a direct connection to this machine. [PB]

Abba (Aramaic) father + dingo (Australian slang) to betray = father of lies?

less possible: from Abed-nego = worshipper of nebo (lofty place)

Acting Chief Minister Chatterji

See Chatterji, Acting Chief Minister [W8]

Adaminaby Port

An entry port on Old North Australia. [UP]


The title of the Hon. Rankin Meikeljohn (q.v.). He was in charge of Henriada. [SM]

Agents of the Instrumentality

Another term for Scanners. [SV]


Clothing and means of travel on the planet Henriada. [SV]


Coral mutated to live in air rather than in the sea. It was planted as windbreaks on Henriada. [SM]


Earth whales adapted to life above the ground in Henriadan tornados. The air-whales were carnivorous. [SM]

Aitch Eye

The Holy Insurgency (q.v.); from the initials H.I. [UP]


Formerly SAMM (q.v.). After the menace on Linschoten XV was neutralized, SAMM became Alan. He then married Ellen and Alma. [TS]

Alan (Celtic) = harmony

Ali Ali

Son-in-law to Casher O'Neill. [SD]

Ali was the son-in-law to Mohammed. It is not clear why the name is duplicated.


Wife to Commander Suzdal. [CG]

Alice (old French) - from Adelaide = nobility(?) or from Greek = truth

All-World Travel Pass

A document issued by the Instrumentality allowing the bearer to pass between the worlds of Mankind; it was almost impossible to purchase. One was given to Casher O'Neill. [GM]


Alma was formerly Finsternis (q.v.); a forgetty (q.v.). After the menace on Linschoten XV was neutralized, Finsternis turned into Alma; she then married Alan and Ellen.

Alma (Latin) = fostering, kind [Battle of Alma in Crimea - dubious]

Also, Alma (Hebrew) = maiden, as in the mother of the Messiah. In this context, see D'alma.

Alpha Ralpha Boulevard

A processional highway hanging in the sky going up to Earthport; it is unsupported by pylons. It disappears into the clouds. It had high-speed moving ways for travel. At the time of the Rediscovery of Man it had been closed for an estimated hundred centuries [actually, thirty would be a better estimate]; there was a gap in the road. [AR]

"Alpha Ralpha Boulevard" (story)

This takes place in the first years of the Rediscovery of Man; the first stamp in 14 Kyears was placed on a letter. It is the tragic love story of Paul and Virginia. They were converted to French people. At the suggestion of Maximilien Macht they seek the future from the Abba-dingo computer on the Alpha Ralpha Boulevard. Paul finds out that it is not always wise to know what will happen and that there are such things as self-fulfilling prophecies [AR]. Original publication: Fantasy & Science Fiction, June 1961.

See: "Paul et Virginie" (J. H. Bernardin de Saint Pierre). Possible correspondence to the Fall of Man in Genesis. Inspired by the painting "The Storm" by Pierre-Auguste Cot.

Alvarez, Go-Captain

Discovered Shayol 600 years before the story of Shayol begins. He is now almost entirely dromozootic (note contradiction). He gets a regular dosage of 6 cc. of supercondamine. [PS]

Amaral, Tostig

A licensed trader from Amazonas Triste. Had a modified skin which gave off hypnotic odors. C'mell was assigned to him as a girlygirl. He destroyed the robot Wush' and tried to kill C'mell; C'rod killed him. [UP]

pun: amoral? + tostig - one who tears things up

Amazonas Triste

A planet of perpetual rain; inhabitants referred to as rainmen. They had modified skins. [UP]

Amazonas = rainforest area in South America + triste (French)—sadness


A location on Henriada; small town, originally a port. [SM]

pun: from Biloxi, Mississippi [bi—two; ambi—both]. Pierce states that Linebarger was frightened by a hurricane when he was in Biloxi, Mississippi.


  1. One of the disputants for the Radiant Heat Monopoly (q.v.). A component of the United American Nations. [WQ]
  2. A nation of Earth. They had missile bases around Lake Erie which frightened the Chinese Goonhogo into granting Tibet independence. Almost immediately after Tibet and America were at war over the Himalayan Escarpment Solar Banks. [W8]

America, Helen

She followed Mr. Gray-No-More on a Sailship. [TB] She translated Old Martian Texts (evidence for canonical aspect of WS); married Mr. Gray-No-More on New Earth after sailing there.[LS]

Helen = Heloise of medieval French story. America = name of lesser continent on Earth.

America, John

Mona Muggeridge selected this name if her child were born a male. Since it was born female, the name was not used.


What exists—if that word has any meaning here—between the Probabilities. Although others had been lost there,Tasco Magnon was the only one known to have survived it. [HA]

anachron - absence of time.


Same as an Ancient One or an Old One; a person of or from the distant past. [QA]

Ancient Doyches Language

The German language—from Deutsch. [TS]

Ancient English

Language akin to Old North Australian. [LC] It developed into Anglic. [CC]

Ancient Inglish

Alternate spelling for Ancient English. [PB]

Ancient Law

It allowed many secondary telepaths (q.v.) to elude medical treatment for their condition. [CC]

Ancient One

See Ancient. [QA]

Ancient Past

The time of the Ancient Wars which poisoned Earth. [QA]

Ancient Ruins

They lie about 100 miles east of Central Park in New York City. [CC] That would be on the eastern tip of Long Island, New York.

Ancient Unselfing Ground

A suicide place? [TB] See also Unselfing Zone [ME]

Ancient Wars

Fought long ago; they poisoned the Earth. [QA]


Capital of the planet Pontoppidan (appropriate name). [GM]

Vilhelm Rasmus Anderson = biographer of Danish playwright Henrik Pontoppidan

Anderson, Sir and Doctor, Chief and Leader

The doctor in charge of the treatment of Colonel Harkening when he made the first planoform journey. The Dcotor was stolid, solid, and aloof. [CC]


A planoform ship. The Rats (q.v.) destroyed the souls of its crew. [RD]


Place(?) name near the city of Meeya Mefla (Miami, Fla.) Headquarters of the People Programmer. [DL]

Anfang (German) = beginning. ?Anyang = the important Shang archeological site?

"Angerhelm" (story)

The story takes place between the first Sputnik (1957) and the fall of Nikita Sergeivich Krushchev (1964-5). Tice Angerhelm dies and sends a message back to his brother, Nelson, via a Russian orbiting satellite. The Soviets are not pleased. The story may not be part of the Instrumentality. [AH] Original publication: Star Science Fiction #6, December 1959.

Angerhelm, Nelson

Tice Angerhelm's brother; Nelson transcribed his dead brother's message from the tape in a Russian satellite. He was 62-years old retired poultry farmer who served in World War I. At the time of this occurrence, he lived at 2322 Ridge Drive, Hopkins, Minnesota (pre zip code, but it is now 55343). [AH]

Nelson = British admiral—this is an anglization of Nilsson + Ankerhjelm—the name of a Swedish admiral

Angerhelm, Tice

Nelson Angerhelm's younger brother. West Pointer, practical joker. He sent a message after his death via a Russian sputnik. Colonel at time of death. Descendent of Theiss Ankerhjelm. [AH]


A language that developed from Ancient English. [CC]

Ankerhjelm, Theiss

Swedish admiral. See also Angerhelm, Tice. [AH]


New capital of the Northern Wei Dynasty (also a Shang archeological site). [FB]


Ship (or vehicle) of the Prince Lovaduck, attached to the Office of Statistics and Investigation. [GS]

Aojou Nanbien

Chinesian name for Australia when it was a part of China. It had a population of 30,000,000,000 before it died. [UP]

Nan is south in Chinese.


A Barbary sheep (udad). It was used as an allegory for Rambo—the future would remember his name and the Drunkboat but forget the scientific milestones just as the name aoudad was remembered but the animal was not. [DB]


Inhabitants of Gustible's Planet; 4 foot to 4 foot 6 inches high, looked like ducks. Dishonest, enjoy good food, especially Earth food and beer. Have ability to freeze humans. Generally have bad taste but taste good. [GP]

Apicus = name of three celebrated Roman epicures.

Appointed Ones

See Appointed Relatives

Appointed Relatives

On Old North Australia; they teach the child the seven liberal arts, the six practical sciences, and the five collections of police and defense studies. These are necessary to get to the Garden of Death. Appointed Relatives stake their lives along with the applicant. [PB]


A paradise planet with two moons that turned to Hell. Settled by shell-ships 4000 years before Commander Suzdal's story. Settlers became unpeople; on the planet, after 20 years, 3 months, 4 days, femininity becomes carcinogenic. Arachosia is 6 million light years away (from Manhome?). [CG]

Arachosia = far eastern province of ancient Persian and Alexandran empires. Once the most beautiful and fertile of these provinces; devastated by the barbarians, it remains desolate to this day. The Arachosians may be equated to the Teutonic Knights (see Suzdal).


See Lohan, subordinate disciple of the Bhuddha. [WS]


  1. One of the American ships fighting War No. 81-Q. [WQ]
  2. American warship. Reardon blew it up to take out the Ming and the Ch'in. He claimed it was in error. [W8]

Ariel is the sprite in The Tempest.


Dancers of Xanadu; a kind of priesthood of pleasure. When joining all living descendants of the current mate must be sacrificed or that mate plus volunteers to the number of the descendants must die. Lari's mother died to save him. [SS]

Rano Aroi is a volcanic crater on the island of Rapa Nui; see Poike, Raraku.

Article #376984

Specifically subarticle a, paragraph 34c of the agreement under which Xanadu came under the Instrumentality. It protected Xanadu's purely local and autochthonous customs. [SS]

Audacity, His (or Your)

Address of the Chief of Thieves. [NA]


Doris, aunt to Rod McBan151. She did not like him for his handicap. [PB]

Austral League

A state or group of states owning the leasing rights to the War Territory of Kerguelen. They rented it for wars at $40 million/hour. [WQ]

austral = south


A communications, control, and inspection device used by the American side to inspect their remote-controlled ships during the fighting at Kerguelen. [WQ]

Auxiliary Police

A force made up of underpeople (at least wolves) at Earthport. Probably used among the underpeople and not among real people. [UP]


Old North Australian slang. Animal Waste Evacuation Facility. [UP]