The following is an excerpt from Concordance to Cordwainer Smith by Anthony R. Lewis, a book published by NESFA Press. The letter "A" is also available.

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ISBN: 1-886778-25-6
Page count: 190
Book Size: 5-1/2" x 8-3/4"
Published: September 2000

Third, revised edition, 2000

Compiled by Anthony R. Lewis
Cover design Alice N. S. Lewis

PO Box 809
Framingham, MA 01701
fax: 617-776-3243

Nominated for the 2000 Hugo Award in the Related Book Category

— R —

Radiant Heat Monopoly

This is the economic? issue over which Tibet and America fought War No. 81-Q. [WQ]

Radiation III

A traumatic event on Earth; probably a war. [SS]


Construct in the mind of the Captain. [GF]

Rambo, Artyr

Originally from Earth Four. The Lord Crudelta put him in a planoform ship (with I. O. M. on it) and sent him through space3. He lost the ship in transit (left it behind to get to Elizabeth); claimed to have become the ship. [DB]

Artyr Rambo—Arthur Rimbaud, author of Le Bateau Ivre [Drunkboat]


A village on Xanadu. The aroi danced here and went to Menace. [SS]

Rano Raraku is a volcanic crater on Rapa Niu; see Aroi, Poike.


One of three (with the robot and the Copt) who explored space3 and agreed upon the Old Strong Religion there. [SM, SD]


They live underneath space and attack planoform ships; they eat the souls of the crew. See also Dragons. [RD]


Possibly the name of the planet (or nation) ruled by Lord Raumsog.

Raumsog, Lord

Ruler of the planet Raumsog's World. He tried to attack Old Earth, bribed the Instrumentality (this never works), imprisoned the Go-Captains, killed the pinlighters [but, one hopes, not the partners]; he was defeated by the golden ship. Killed on his planet. [GS]

raumsog (German): raum—space + sog—suck; i.e., wanted all of space

Reardon, Jack

American who controlled the American ships that fought in War No. 81-Q. He was the best American licensed warrior. [W8] See Bearden, Jack.


It freed Earth from the Rule of the Jwindz. The Band of Cousins placed placebos in the synthetic food to free the True Men; then they drugged the Jwindz. [QA]

Reconstituted Late Inglish Language Verse

Title of a poetry book. One of the hidden McBan family treasures. It had a poem by Casimir Colgrove in it. [PB]


The process of transforming Scanners back into normal human beings. [SV]

The Red Asteroid

Belonged to Adam Stone; perhaps his laboratory. [SV]

one of the meanings of adam in Hebrew is red (another is clay); most asteroids are stony.

Redlady, Lord

Once a Lord of the Instrumentality; he was degraded to Commissioner for being a broadbander. One of the judges at Rod's and Rod's children's hearings. He arranged to ship Rod to Earth for his safety. He was the Representative of the Instrumentality on Old North Australia. [PB, UP]

Rediscovery of Man

Plan of the Instrumentality. It brought back governments, money, newspapers, languages, sickness, death - but had not dealt with the problems of the underpeople. [LC] Came after the incident with Sun-boy and the Douglas-Ouyang planets. [UE] People took up the old names, languages, and customs. [GM] Reintroduced old cultures, languages, and troubles. [AR]

The Rediscovery of Man: The Complete Short Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith (collection)

Framingham, MA; NESFA Press 0-915368-56-0, May 1993, xvi+671 pp, $24.95, (dust jacket by Jack Gaughan)

No, No, Not Rogov!

War No. 81-Q (revised)

Mark Elf

The Queen of the Afternoon

Scanners Live in Vain

The Lady Who Sailed The Soul

When the People Fell

Think Blue, Count Two

The Colonel Came Back from the Nothing-at-All

The Game of Rat and Dragon

The Burning of the Brain

From Gustible's Planet

Himself in Anachron

The Crime and the Glory of Commander Suzdal

Golden the Ship Was - Oh! Oh! Oh!

The Dead Lady of Clown Town

Under Old Earth


Mother Hitton's Littul Kittons

Alpha Ralpha Boulevard

The Ballad of Lost C'mell

A Planet Named Shayol

On the Gem Planet

On the Storm Planet

On the Sand Planet

Three to a Given Star

Down to a Sunless Sea

War No. 81-Q (original)

Western Science is So Wonderful


The Fife of Bodidharma


The Good Friends


Member of the 6th German Reich. [ME]

German: literally, relative of the State

Release Ship 43

The name of a planoform ship; the Rats attacked it and ate the souls of the crew. It was found with all pinsets burned out. [RD]

Release Ship 56

The name of a planoform ship; the Rats attacked it and ate the souls of the crew. It was found with all pinsets burned out. [RD]

Yet another instance of 56 cropping up in the works.


An inhabitant of Old North Australia who chooses to live off-planet in order to enjoy wealth. It is hard to return. [GM, SM]

Research Office of the Instrumentality

See Instrumentality, Research Office of the [CC]

Reserved Grade

A class of citizens' rights for underpeople; it came into being before the death of C'mell. [LC]

Resolved Probability

One of the two types of Probabilities mentioned by Tasco Magnon; the other is Formal. [HA]

Reunion of India

See India, Reunion of [W8]

Ridge Drive

Nelson Angerhelm lived at number 2322 on this steet in Hopkins, Minnesota. [AH]

Riding Cats

Large cats are used as riding animals on Xanadu. [SS]

Rightful Proportions

A formula presented to the authorities by Acting Chief Minister Chatterji. It changed war from a game to reality. After the devastation, only saints, morons, and menschenjager were left. [W8]

Rights of the Living

As expounded by E'duard on Xanadu: "Right of an entity to exist, to exist on its own terms, provided they do not violate the rights of others, to come to its own terms with life, and to make its own decisions." [SS]

Ritter vom Acht

See Vom Acht, Heinz Horst, Ritter


One of three (with the Copt and the rat) who explored space3 and agreed upon the Old Strong Religion there. [SM, SD]

Robot is from the Czech meaning slave or worker.

Roderick Eleanor, Lord

Originally the workwoman Eleanor. Surgically altered to impersonate Rod McBan; inducted into the Instrumentality 20 years after Rod's visit to Earth. See also Eleanor and Roderick Henry McBan. [UP]

Rogov, Nikolai

Soviet scientist; married Cherpas in 1945. His mind was turned off by contact with the future dance via Project Telescope. [NN]

Roster of Dishonor

A list of Lords who lied. [DB]

Ru, Lady

She disliked Viola Siderea and its inhabitants; she died a long time before Bozart's attempt on Old North Australia. [LK] She said scraps of knowledge have been found since the beginning—this appears to refer to the Old Strong Religion. She lived a few centuries before the Lord Sto Odin. [UE] The Lord Kemal bin Permaiswari quoted her on Xanadu.[SS]

Ruh (German)—peace, quiet

Rule of Exceptions

In Old North Australian law. The surviving heir (last of family) could be

reprocessed up to four times. If he still failed the Garden of Death he would go to the Dying House and a designated heir would assume the name and the estate. [PB]

Rule of the Jwindz

Occurred somewhere once on Earth. [SD] It was ended by the Band of Cousins during the Rebellion. This was at the time the Vom Achts returned to Earth. [QA]


Child of Alan, Ellen, and Alma. [TS]

Rupert (Old German)—bright fame

Ruth Not-from-here

See Not-from-here, Ruth


An underperson comforted by D'joan. [DL]