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ISBN: none
Page count: iii+207
Book Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Published: March 1966

Compiled by Erwin S. Strauss
Cover design by Erwin S. Strauss

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Indexes the English-language SF magazines for the period 1951-1965. Entries are all upper case only.

Table of Contents

Erwin S[heehan] ("Filthy Pierre") Strauss compiled this work originally under the auspices of the MIT Science Fiction Society. In return for using the Society's library, some of its access to MIT facilities, and the ability to sell from its address, Strauss would turn over a portion of the profits to enable the MITSFS to enlarge its magazine collection. During the course of these proceedings the school administration decided that this arrangement was not entirely to its liking. Following legal action, the result was that Strauss retained possession of the books but was required to black out "The MIT Science Fiction Society's" on all copies sold.

About this time (1967) Strauss was drafted into the Army. Because of this and the legal costs the printer, Spaulding-Moss, repossessed most of the remaining books, although Strauss had turned over a small number to Michael Ward. At the end of 1967, Ward left for California and turned over to NESFA all the indexes and 1966 supplements in his possession. In January 1968 NESFA found out that the printer had decided to destroy the books to save on storage. At the 7 January 1968 meeting NESFA approved the purchase of these books; through its negotiator Richard Harter, NESFA remaindered the books for $0.50 each. This money was raised by the sale of "bonds" (at 5%) to the membership, bringing in a total of $540. NESFA continued to sell these books until they were gone.

As near as can be determined Strauss sold (or turned over to Ward) a total of 486 books; NESFA obtained from the printer a total of 1462 books. This sums to 1948, as close as we are likely to get to reality at this date.

Printing History

Hardbound 8.5" x 11", iii+207 pp., no ISBN, 2000 copies, March 1966, but bindery problems delayed availability until May 1966, $6.50 until 1 May 1966, then $8.00, raised to $12.00 March 1975; while Strauss sold this book he offered a $1.00 discount to anyone who had bought the previous edition (The Blackdex and the Bluedex). Library of Congress classification ZPN 3448.S45.S912.