The Fellowship of NESFA (FN)
by Anthony R. Lewis

The Fellowship was created to honor those people who have made a significant contribution to NESFA® and to the furtherance of its aims. The Fellowship is modeled after academic fellowships and Fellows are awarded the privilege of the postnominal abbreviation FN. New Fellows are installed at an annual banquet each fall. The date after each name shows the year of election; if no date is given, the year is 1976, when the Fellowship was established. signifies that a Fellow has died.

The original proposal was to call this the Order of the Spaceship and Sun after the imperial insignia in the Foundation series. Approval was obtained from Isaac Asimov for this, but in the end it was decided that Fellowship of NESFA was more appropriate for our aims.

The new Fellows are elected each Fall and announced at the Fellowship Banquet held in November at various restaurants around the area. If the new Fellow cannot attend, they are taken out to dinner at the next Boskone or Worldcon which they do attend.  Each fellow receives a Certificate of Fellowship suitable for framing, etc.

 The Fellows are listed by year of creation; there is also an alphabetical list.

Founding Fellows
Dr. Isaac Asimov †
Krissy [Benders]
Ben Bova †
Judy-Lynn del Rey †
Lester del Rey †
William H. Desmond
Donald E. Eastlake III
Jill Eastlake
Marsha Elkin 1
Paul F. Galvin
Richard Harter †
Linda Ann Kent 2
Dr. Anthony Lewis
Suford Lewis
Edwin W. Meyer, Jr.
George & Andréa Mitchell
Marilyn J. Niven
Cory Seidman Panshin
Frank Prieto †
Karen Blank Ranade
A. Joseph Ross, J.D.
Elliot Kay Shorter †
Col. Harry C. Stubbs †
Leslie J. Turek
David A. Vanderwerf
Andrew A. Whyte †
Robert K. Wiener

Class of 1977
Ann A. Broomhead
Ellen F. Franklin
Selina Lovett
Anne McCaffrey †
R. Terry McCutchen †

Class of 1978
William Carton
Dr. George Flynn †
Jo Ann Wood †

Class of 1979
Charles J. Hitchcock
Dr. James F. Hudson

Class of 1980
Wendell Y. G. Ing †
Rick Katze, J.D.
Robert J. Spence

Class of 1981
Dave Anderson
Wendy Glasser
Kath A. Horne
Patricia A. Vandenberg

Class of 1982
Deborah King

Class of 1983
Brons [James Burrows]
Michael DiGenio †
Monty Wells †

Class of 1984
Claire Anderson †

Class of 1985
Dr. Mark L. Olson

Class of 1986
Richard Ferree
Ben Yalow

Class of 1987
Dave Cantor

Class of 1988
Jim Mann
Laurie Mann
Kelly Persons
Sharon Sbarsky

Class of 1989
Priscilla Olson
Joseph Rico

Class of 1990
Pam Fremon †
Ruth L. Sachter
Greg Thokar

Class of 1991
Elisabeth Carey
Merle Insinga
Allen Kent
Bruce Pelz †

Class of 1992
Aron Insinga
Joe Mayhew †

Class of 1993
Gay Ellen Dennett
Kurt C. Siegel

Class of 1994
Don D'Ammassa
Mark Hertel

Class of 1995
Bob Eggleton
Tim Szczesuil

Class of 1996
Kenneth Knabbe

Class of 1997
Joe Siclari
Davey Snyder

Class of 1998
Bonnie Atwood
Dr. Ted Atwood
Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Class of 1999
Dr. Deb Geisler

Class of 2000

Class of 2001
Mike Benveniste

Class of 2002
Vincent Di Fate

Class of 2003
David G. Grubbs
Alice Naomi Sophronia Lewis
Mike Resnick

Class of 2004
B. Shirley Avery
Martin Deutsch †
Rick Kovalcik

Class of 2005
Tim Roberge
Erwin S. "Filthy Pierre" Strauss

Class of 2006
Dale Farmer
Michael J. Walsh

Class of 2007
Ellen Asher

Class of 2008
David Hartwell †
Geri Sullivan

Class of 2009
Joni Brill Dashoff

Class of 2010
Peter Weston †

Class of 2011
Robert Devney

Class of 2012
Edie Stern
Bill Todd

Class of 2013
Lisa Hertel
Larry Smith †
Sally Kobee

Class of 2014
Jane Yolen
Bruce Coville
Andrea Senchy

Class of 2015
Adina Adler
Judith Carol Bemis

Class of 2016
Robert Luoma
Erin Underwood

Class of 2017
Steven Lee

Class of 2018
Dr. George Phillies

Class of 2019
Michael Kerpan
Louis Galvez

Class of 2020
Liza Groen Trombi
Mike Zipser
Beth Zipser

Class of 2021

Class of 2022
Vincent Docherty
Kristin Seibert

Class of 2023
Jenny Kraus
Paul Kraus


Alphabetical Listing of Fellows
Adina Adler (2015)
Claire Anderson (1984) †
Dave Anderson (1981)
Ellen Asher (2007)
Dr. Isaac Asimov †
Bonnie Atwood (1998)
Ted Atwood (1998)
B. Shirley Avery (2004)
Krissy [Benders]
Judith Carol Bemis (2015)
Mike Benveniste (2001)
Ben Bova †
Brons [James Burrows] (1983)
Ann A. Broomhead (1977)
Dave Cantor (1987)
Elisabeth Carey (1991)
William Carton (1978)
Bruce Coville (2014)
Don D'Ammassa (1994)
Joni Brill Dashoff (2009)
Judy-Lynn Benjamin del Rey †
Lester del Rey †
Gay Ellen Dennett (1993)
William H. Desmond
Martin Deutsch (2004) †
Robert Devney (2011)
Vincent Di Fate (2002)
Michael DiGenio (1983) †
Donald E. Eastlake III
Jill Eastlake
Bob Eggleton (1995)
Marsha Elkin 1
Dale Farmer (2006)
Richard Ferree (1986)
Dr. George Flynn (1978) †
Ellen F. Franklin (1977)
Pam Fremon (1990) †
Louis Galvez (2019)
Paul F. Galvin
Dr. Deb Geisler (1999)
Wendy Glasser (1981)
David G. Grubbs (2003)
Richard Harter †
David Hartwell (2008) †
Lisa Hertel (2013)
Mark Hertel (1994)
Charles J. Hitchcock (1979)
Kath A. Horne (1981)
Dr. James F. Hudson (1979)
Wendell Y. G. Ing (1980) †
Aron Insinga (1992)
Merle Insinga (1991)
Rick Katze, J.D. (1980)
Allen Kent (1991)
Linda Ann Kent 2
Michael Kerpan (2019)
Deborah King (1982)
Kenneth Knabbe (1996)
Sally Kobee (2013)
Rick Kovalcik (2004)
Steven Lee (2017)
Dr. Anthony R. Lewis
Alice Naomi Sophronia Lewis (2003)
Suford Lewis
Selina Lovett (1977)
Robert Luoma (2016)
Anne McCaffrey (1977) †
R. Terry McCutchen (1977) †
Jim Mann (1988)
Laurie Mann (1988)
Joe Mayhew (1992) †
Edwin W. Meyer, Jr.
George & Andréa Mitchell
Patrick Nielsen Hayden (1998)
Teresa Nielsen Hayden (1998)
Marilyn J. Niven
Dr. Mark L. Olson (1985)
Priscilla Pollner Olson (1989)
Cory Seidman Panshin
Bruce Pelz (1991) †
Kelly Persons (1988)
Dr. George Phillies (2018)
Frank Prieto †
Karen Blank Ranade
Mike Resnick (2003)
Joseph Rico (1989)
Tim Roberge (2005)
A. Joseph Ross, J.D.
Ruth L. Sachter (1990)
Sharon Sbarsky (1988)
Andrea Senchy (2014)
Elliot Kay Shorter †
Joe Siclari (1997)
Kurt C. Siegel (1993)
Larry Smith (2013) †
Davey Snyder (1997)
Robert J. Spence (1980)
Edie Stern (2012)
Erwin S. Filthy Pierre Strauss (2005)
Col. Harry C. Stubbs †
Geri Sullivan (2008)
Tim Szczesuil (1995)
Bill Todd (2012)
Greg Thokar (1990)
Leslie J. Turek
Erin Underwood (2016)
Patricia A. Vandenberg (1981)
David A. Vanderwerf
Michael J. Walsh (2006)
Monty Wells (1983) †
Peter Weston (2010) †
Andrew Adams Whyte †
Robert Wiener
Jo Ann Wood (1978) †
Ben Yalow (1986)
Jane Yolen (2014)


  1. Marsha Elkin was her name in 1976, when the initial NESFA Fellows were installed. From 1962 to 1969, she was married to Charles N. Brown (Locus), so went by Marsha Elkin Brown. Later she married Eddie Jones, the British artist, so went by Marsha Elkin Jones. After a later divorce, she is again Marsha Elkin.
  2. Linda Ann Kent was the wife of Allen R. Kent, at the time of her installation as a NESFA Fellow. She later divorced and married John Allen, becoming Linda Ann Allen.