History of NESFA
Last Update: 11-Aug-2016

Historical Table of Boskones — Sharon Sbarsky

The Fellowship of NESFA — Anthony R. Lewis

NESFA and Boskone have a long history of drama and music, including several fannish musicals.

early 60s: The Early MITSFS and Strauss indexes — Anthony R. Lewis

early 60s: The House of Roy — Anthony R. Lewis

1967: The Founders of NESFA — Anthony R. Lewis

1971: An Analysis of NESFA Membership Policy - 1971 by Richard Harter

1968-77: 33 Unity Avenue, Belmont — Anthony R. Lewis

Proper Boskonian, the Gory Years by Richard Harter

A Guide to the Hartering of Motions by Richard Harter

Notes on horseback riding with reference to the NESFA Cavalry by Richard Harter

Notes Toward a History of the NESFA Press — Mark L. Olson

The Boskone Plays by Richard Harter

mid-80s: The Saga of the Clubhouse — Mark L. Olson

mid-80s: A Clubhouse Script—Performed on June 4, 2006 — compiled by Pam Fremon

late 80s: Everything I Learned About Buying and Renovating Buildings I Learned from Monty Wells — Laurie D. T. Mann

late 80s: Boxboro Fandom and the Lead-up to Noreascon III -- Anthony R. Lewis

1990: Jane Yolen's Skylark Story — Davey Snyder

2000-2003: The Monty Wells Project to use SF as a teaching tool for developing critical thinking, science knowledge/appreciation, and language arts skills

2005: Storing George Flynn's Books — Mark L. Olson

2008: Deconstructing the Barber Shop -- Mark L. Olson

Fannish Places in Boston

No history would be complete without an Alternate History of Boston Fandom by Richard Harter

Some outdated items

1980s: The Rise and Fall of the Giant Boskones — Mark L. Olson