Recursive Science Fiction

updated 3 August 2008

The first edition was published in September 1990. It contained 198 recursive items (178 written, 5 graphic, and 15 performance) and had a neat cover by Merle Insinga. Many people responded with additional items and corrections and, as the 1990s went on there was a burst of recursive items being produced. Soon we found that the number of items would require a much larger book—one whose price would put it out of the market for most fans. With the advent of the NESFA web site it was determined that the second edition would be on-line—here it is.

These on-line files correct errors in the first edition and add significant information for 797 new items (708 written, 27 graphic, 61 performance), for a total of 995 items (887 written, 32 graphic, 76 performance). About 59.7% of the new items [currently, 476] were published (or presented) after the first edition went to press.

Here's a definition and discussion of recursive SF with some related terms

...and Barry N. Malzberg's thought on the subject

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An incomplete list of references, trademarks, and copyrights

People who have helped over the years

Changes in the last year [new]

August 3, 2008
Corrected title: "The Abduction of Abner Greer" (thanks to Fred Galvin)
April 4, 2008
Added: Danvers, Dennis, "Here's What I Know"
April 3, 2008
Added: Churchill, Reginald Charles, "The Short History of the Future"
Added: Cowdrey, Alfred E., "Thrilling Wonder Stories"
Added: Lawrence, Ann, Do You Believe?
Added: Lethem, Jonathan, "Phil in the Marketplace"
Added: Utley, Steven, "The 400-Million-Year Itch"
January 9, 2008
Added: Ringo, John, Princess of Wands
December 27, 2007
Added: Sheldon, Walt, "A Lack of Verisimilitude"

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