Recursive Science Fiction

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Yasgur, Batya Swift joint author with Barry N. Malzberg

Yates, Alan Geoffrey (as Brown, Peter Carter), Booty for a Babe [Mystery]

Al Wheeler is a hard-bitten, hard-drinking Detective Lieutenant on the Pine City Police Department. He is called out of bed with a beautiful blonde to investigate a murder. Professor Todt has been killed by a tungsten dart while speaking about "The Elastic Dimension" at the fourteenth annual convention of the All-American Science-Fiction Fans' Club at the hotel Imperial; there are 80 people in attendance. It's up to Al to find out who the perpetrator is. Along the way we meet conrunner Flavia Romberg (beautiful redhead), writer Wilbur Kessell (vague), fans Waldo Kipcheek (fat) and Annabelle Starr (beautiful blonde). None of them are portrayed favorably.  Yes, Al does find the murderer and winds up with yet another blonde.

Sydney, Australia: Horwitz Publications, Inc. [0-671-46389-6], 1956

Yefremov, Ivan Antonovich, "The Heart of the Serpent"

This is a first contact story in which the characters make specific reference to Murray Leinster's classic story "First Contact" (originally published in Astounding Science Fiction 35:3 May 1945). However, the Leinster story is derided because no race can achieve space travel, especially interstellar travel, unless it has reached the level of a truly communistic classless society.  The story is socio-Gernsbackian as characters lecture each other on subjects they all ought to have known.  [Yefremov's name is sometimes transliterated as Efremov.]

Lunost 1, 1959 [as "Kor Serpentis", Russian]

The Heart of the Serpent, Library of Adventure and SF, 1960 [Russian]

1960 [Estonian]

1960 [Romanian]

1960 [German]

The Heart of the Serpent, (edited by unknown), Foreign Language Publishing House, Moscow 1961 [English]

The Heart of the Serpent, (edited by unknown), Foreign Language Publishing House, Moscow 1961 [Spanish]

Das Herz der Schlange, (edited by unknown), Foreign Language Publishing House, Moscow 1962 [German]

More Soviet Science Fiction (edited by unknown), Collier AS295V, 1962 (pp.19-86) [translated by R. Prokofieva, this edition calls Leinster's story "The First Contact" and says it took place in the Nebula of Cancer (Crab Nebula in the original)] Collier O1647, 1967

1962 [Czech]

1963 [Slovak]

Serdtse Zmei, Detskaia Literaturea, 1964 [as "Serdtse Zmei"]

1967 [Bulgarian]

1968 [French edition of Soviet Literature]

1968 [Korean]

1970 [Uzbek]

Yermakov, Nicholas real name of Simon Hawke

Yolen, Jane, "Pitch"

Maury makes money in Hollywood modifying and pitching his associate Jimbo's ideas to the studios.  When Jimbo actually meets the Devil, the possibilities for even larger profits loom in an unexpected way.

Deals With the Devil (edited by Mike Resnick, Martin H. Greenberg & Loren D. Estleman), DAW Books 0-88677-623-7 (#965), October 1994 (pp.44-46)

Yolen, Jane, "Science Fiction" [Poem]

A short poem (two quatrains and a couplet) about the metaphors of science fiction.

Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine 11:7 July 1987 (pg.73)

Inside the Funhouse, (edited by Mike Resnick), AvoNova 76643-4, August 1992 (pg.3)

Young, Robert F., "The Blonde From Barsoom"

Harold Worthington Smith writes bad pastiches of Edgar Rice Burrough's Martian tales with a hero called Thon Carther and his heroine Thejah Doris, etc.  Smith identifies so strongly with his hero that he finds himself in the story.  While living through his plot he realizes that he can rewrite his real life from within the story.  He does so with a number of major changes—he become a best-selling author with editors pursuing him; he also takes over most of his heroine's physical aspects into the wife of his new life.

Amazing Stories 36:7 July 1962 (pp.62-70)

Yulsman, Jerry, Elleander Morning

Elleander Morning, a British woman, goes back in time (means uncertain) to kill Adolf Hitler.  This brings about a branching timeline where there was no Nazi Germany nor World War II.  She has, however, left for her granddaughter, a copy of the Time-Life History of the Second World War.  This, in itself, brings about a fascist movement in Germany which the granddaughter must act against.  The original Elleander Morning was aided in her endeavors by H. G. Wells who plays an important role in the story.

St. Martin's 24369-3, 1984

St. Martin's SFBC 3504 O23, June 1984

Tor 59073-2, May 1985

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