Recursive Science Fiction

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Oberndorf, Charles, "Close to Light"

An SF fan finally gets her chance to go to the stars. The vehicle is the starship Poul Anderson.

Full Spectrum 2 (edited by Lou Aronica, Shawna McCarthy, Amy Stout & Patrick LoBrutto), Doubleday Foundation 26019-9, April 1989 (pp.349-368)

O'Donnell, K. M. pseudonym of Barry N. Malzberg

Offutt, Andrew J., "The Defendant Earth" [new]

Earth could join the Intrasystem Union but it is being sued by Mars for defamation of character and libel for all the science fiction stores by Burroughs, Kline, Wells, et al. casting Martians as monsters. The defense files a countersuit as the Martians have been plagarizing all our stories and changing the planets of the characters. Earth wins.

If, 19:2 February 1969 (pp.43-61)

Olden, Marc, Poe Must Die

Jonathan is a necromancer attempting to find the Throne of Solomon; this will give him control over the demon Asmodeus. He goes from London to New York where his trail crosses that of Edgar Allan Poe. Jonathan would destroy Poe but in this he is foiled by Pierce James Figg, a British prize-fighter and friend of Charles Dickens. Figg has come to New York with the intention of destroying Jonathan who killed his wife and sent his son to the gallows. The author presents a very unpleasant New York of 1848 and an interesting picture of Poe. [It is 1848 and Poe is thinking about Indian Head pennies. This is odd as the first of these coins was not minted until 1859 (page 34).]

Charter 67420-8, 1978

Futura 8299-4, July 1989

Oliver, Chad joint author with Charles Beaumont

Oliver, Chad, "Judgment Day"

While one group of aliens (Nrando) prepares to interdict Earth for its warlike behavior, another group is trying to rapidly train the children to galactic awareness using a television science fiction program The Old Space Ranger with his sidekick Captain Jet (sponsored by Puffed Atoms and Martian Mush).

Science Fiction Adventures 1:3 March 1953 (pp. 71-89)

Oliver, Chad, "Lady Killer"

As usual a major War has occurred; this one has sterilized all human females on Earth. An expedition is mounted to mars in the hopes of finding humanoid females there who are interfertile. Douglas Rogers, the designated Lady Killer and SF reader ("The Green Terror from Procyon") is one of the crew. They find Martians who initially look like the covers of SF magazines, then they appear to be beautiful women. Actually they are blobs who can project their thoughts. The crew becomes prisoners of love.

Startling Stories 25:2 March 1952

Oliver, Chad, "Technical Advisor"

Daniel Purdy Bell is producing the science fiction film Valley of the Moon and he wants it to be accurate. So, he hires Dr. Dee Newton as technical advisor. Newton suggests that they fund a spaceship to be able to shoot on location and they agree. Bell does not accompany them on the flight but the writer Gilbert Webster does. After they land on the Moon, they are captured by Newton and his cohorts who are Martians—Martians who plan on making space operas with real Earthlings in them. Webster is hired as a technical advisor.

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction 4:2 February 1953 (pp.30-40)

A Star Above It and Other Stories (edited by Priscilla Olson), NESFA Press 1-886778-45-0, August 2003

Oltion, Jerry, "The Firefly Farce"

Science Fiction author Jerry Oltion has an idea for a first contact story involving the "fireflies" seen by John Glenn in orbit. When he visits Senator Glenn, he is told a story that makes his fiction seem pale. Of course, it can only be published as science fiction—so no one will believe it.

Analog Science Fiction and Fact 114:6 May 1994 (pp.74-81)

Ordover, John J., "Falcon Lace"

Falcon Lace is the female personification of Bart Scrivener's novel. She is sent to Tex Redactor by Scrivener's agent Jim Bond. Tex knows that she will stay with him because he can make her into what she can be, but her heart will always be with her writer, Bart.

Swashbuckling Editor Stories (ed. by John Gregory Betancourt), The Wildside Press, October 1993; lettered hardcover 1-880448-21-1;numbered hardcover 1-880448-20-3; trade paperback 1-880448-22-X (pp.91-93)

Pulphouse 19, 1995 (pp.53-54)

Orman, Kate, Return of the Living Dad

A New Adventure of Dr. Who. The seventh Doctor with his form companion Bernice Summerfield, and her husband Jason are searching for her father. They find him in Berkshire in 1983 where he is running a refuge for stranded aliens and time travelers. Also showing up are many fans of the Doctor (with their fanzines) who demand that he give them the correct chronology of the U.N.I.T. stories.

Virgin Books 0-426-20482-4, July 1996

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