Recursive Science Fiction

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Ian Janis, "Correspondence with a Breeder"

A historical culture student from the future corresponds with SF writer Mike Resnick. His inquiries cover dog breeding—Mike bred collies at one time, SF writing, and sexual proclivities. At the end it is revealed that the student is not a human. The locations from which the alien writes are all well-known planets from SF stories, especially from Resnick's works.

I, Alien, (edited by Mike Resnick) DAW Books 0-7564-0235-2 April 2005 (pp.81-90)

Ish, David Allen, "The Fantasy People" [Mainstream]

This is set at a science fiction convention in New York run by the Manhattan Fantasy League. There is no stfnal element in the story; the title refers to the pros and fans in the field. The protagonist sixteen-year-old Jack Davidson and his neofan friend Jack attend this convention. There Jack revives old friendships (especially Doris Williams) and makes new ones. They never attend any of the program and the story, with little plot, has the feel of an actual event. Apparently this story describes the Metrocon held in New York in 1955.

New World Writing #9, Lippincott 1956; NAL/Mentor MD170, April 1956 (pp.148-167)

Israel, Peter, I'll Cry When I Kill You [Mystery]

Raul Rogan Bashard is the acknowledged Dean of SF having started early in Amazing Stories.  Now the community is honoring him on his 80th birthday with BashCon - held in the Catskills. However, he thinks someone is out to kill him and gets his lawyer Charles Camelot to assign one of his aides, Philip Revere (ne Pablo Rivera) to the case. Bashard is indeed murdered there and Revere (maybe) finds out who the murderer is. At the convention one of the book editors describes convention attendees as "the maimed, the unloved, and the crippled."  She also believes that SF conventions are put on to make lots of money for the organizers. Bashard is not a pleasant character and has quite a number of racial and religious hatreds; no one is really sorry that he is dead. The word missing from the book is "tontine."  Very few actual SF writers are mentioned—Sturgeon and Clarke being the most prominent.

Mysterious Press 268-2, February 1988

40593-7, March 1989

Iverson, Eric G. pseudonym of Harry Turtledove

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