Recursive Science Fiction

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Jacobson, Jerry, "Funeral in Another Town" [Mystery]

Amis Bannerman is a successful lawyer and mystery writer, although perhaps not as ethical nor honorable as he could be. At his home in Pendleton, Oregon, he is invited to the funeral of Guillotine Horror Magazine in Minnesota, a magazine he helped to kill by blacklisting it with other writers when his payment was slow in coming. As expected, the former publisher Jonathan Quillisey, has other ideas on what should be interred.

Weird Tales 47:2 Fall, 1973 (pp31-37)

Jamneck, Lynne, "The Paramount Importance of Pictures"

Mike Palmer is directing Universal Covenant—a film whose "plot" involves the Ark of the Covenant being held in space by ancient eldritch creatures. Script is by Terry Macmillan. Mike visits the legendary Otto Klemper who warns him to stop the film as They wouldn't like it. Mike ignores him and the chief makeup man, the scriptwriter, and finally Mike himself are devoured by Lovecraftian monsters.

H. P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror 3 Fall 2006 (pp.68-75)

Jean, Albert joint author with Maurice Renard

Jenkins, Will F. "From Beyond the Stars"

Aliens attempt to destroy Earth. They are foiled by a young boy who's been reading science fiction comic books.

Thrilling Wonder Stories 30:2 June 1947

Jennings, Phillip C., "The Galleon Gal"

Kirby Volsang works for the magazine Our State Heritage, but is an aspiring SF writer (he works on his manuscript Pirates of the Serentian Seas). On assignment in Hubberton he finds that a set of large safe deposit boxes in the basement of a bank connect to alternate worlds. Therein are unknown books such as The Shadow's Length (C. S. Lewis), Fugitive (John Vance), and Red Menace (Dash Hammett). At first he thinks to publish these under his own name but things become weirder as multiple Kirby Volsangs show up in the basement.

Amazing Stories 66:2 June 1991 (pp61-70)

Jennings, Phillip C., "Original Sin"

The recursive element here is in the framing story where Mary Shelley, et al. read the letters of a young priest Gerard Lambeau who experimented with artificial life at his station in Bukovina. His aged mentor wanted his studies published and the English do that—but not in the format that was expected.

Asimov's Science Fiction 18:4&5 April 1994 (pp.202-225)

Jensen, Jan Lars, "Giant of Japanese Film and Chinese Sky"

In an alternate reality, Commodore Roman Polanski is using the giant Rodan prop, converted to an airship, to broadcast films on the clouds and conquer the culture of China.

Interzone 101, November 1995 (pp.35-39)

Jeter, K. W., Dr. Adder

Small threads of SF are found in the fabric of this dystopian novel. The main one is the ineffectual Los Angeles radio broadcaster on station KCID. This person is modeled after Philip K. Dick (even the call letters are an inversion of his name). The viewpoint character, E. Allen Limmit had, at the Phoenix Egg Ranch, the largest remaining SF collection in the Southwest. Finally, at Buena Maricone High School in Orange County, SF has been lobotomized and made safe to be taught to students as audio-visual supplements to their English classes. The once angry and strident writer, Lars Kyrie, is a computer simulation praising the current system. ["Kyrie eleison", eh?]

Bluejay Books, 1984

Grafton 07076-1, April 1987

Signet 15197-6, February 1988; 16485-7, November 1989

Jeter, K. W., Morlock Night

A marginal item. The novel deals with Merlin's attempts to rouse Arthur to fight the Morlocks who are using the corridor created by the Time Machine to invade all time. H. G. Wells is mentioned parenthetically early in the story as one who will make a novel of the true experiences of the Time Traveler.

DAW No. 343 (UE1468) 468-0, June 1979

Johnson, Kij, "The Emperor's New Prose"

Managing Editor Emma Lopez is checking Don Keegan's new book Rabbit Bing Harkovy for Unicorn Books. Everyone assures her that it is sensational, but all the pages look blank to her—the original, copies, typeset, even the final book. After publication she is trying to put this behind her but is given his latest manuscript The Platonic Lapine Wardrobe. This time she can see dimly the traces of letters.

Swashbuckling Editor Stories (edited by John Gregory Betancourt), The Wildside Press, October 1993; lettered hardcover 1-880448-21-1 numbered hardcover 1-880448-20-3; trade paperback 1-880448-22-X (pp.47-58)

Johnson, Pete, Rescuing Dad

A humorous young adult novel about a serious topic—parental separation—told from the perspective of a cheeky 12-year-old boy. The narrator's father owns a shop called Fantasy Adventure specializing in science fiction, comics, and model kits, and is an avid fan of Doctor Who and other sf programs. At one point the narrator's best friend reassures him that his father's enthusiasms indicate that he is not having an affair. "If a man gets into Star Trek, it usually means he hasn't been around a woman lately. ... It's a known scientific fact."—Brad Verter

Corgi Yearling 0-44-086457-7 [978-0-44-086457-8] 3 September 2001

Johnson, Richard, "The Slush Pile Excuse"

Warren Birchard, and assistant Vicki Strickland, edit a science fiction magazine (never named). Bemoaning the lack of adequate material, Warren goes to visit perpetual wannabe contributor Sidney Troffonius, who, with much effort, might be publishable. At Troffonius' house, he finds the nine Muses; they cannot leave until Troffonius is succesful at some form of art. With much effort, Troffonius turns out a good SF story; so good, that it is nominated for the Hugo. Warren wonders who will pick up the award at next year's con.

Oracle 1:2, 1983 (pp.14-16)

Johnstone, Ted (as McDaniel, David), The Vampire Affair

Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin are sent to Romanian Transylvania to investigate the death of another U.N.C.L.E. who was exsanguinated. In addition to containing Zoltan Dracula the small town of Pokol is also host to Forrest J Ackerman, editor of Famous Monsters of Filmland who is doing primary research on the Count. Most of the nefarious activities are shown to be due to T.H.R.U.S.H—most, but not all. The Man from U.N.C.L.E.™ #6.

Ace G-590, 1966

Jones, Diana Wynne, Deep Secret

Rupert Venables is the most junior Magid for Earth, a Naywards world of Infinity. When the senior Magid dies, it is up to Rupert to pick the new junior Magid. Rupert twists the fatelines to get his five candidates together so he can study them. Unfortunately, the location happens to be at PhantasmaCon, a British science-fiction convention. Although there is considerable magic exhibited at the con, most of the attendees rationalize it. You don't need magic to know why hotel lifts aren't working, or why there is a centaur at the masquerade.

Gollancz 0-575-06479, 1997

Jones, Diana Wynne, The Merlin Conspiracy

The young Nichothodes was formerly in line to the throne of the Koryfonic Empire in the center of the alternative universes. He gave all this up and is not Nick Mallory, living with his adoptive father Ted Mallory, in what is—more or less—our London. Ted writes horror stories but takes Nick to a detective story writers' conference. There they meet Maxwell Hyde who writes mysteries set in alternate universes—only these universes are real and Maxwell Hyde is a traveller—a Magid, in fact

HarperCollins Greenwillow Books 0-06-052318-2, 2003

Jones, Diana Wynne, "nad and Dan adn Quaffy"

FC Stone is a science fiction writer. Following her divorce, her teen-age son Daniel bullies her into giving up her typewriter for a word processor. Her best descriptions are of people suffering long hours in front of video screens (for example, Starship Candida and The Mutineers ). At one point she is contacted, through her word processor, by Adny, who is owned by her cognate Candida in an alternate universe. Stone (that C was for Candida, by the way) is similar enough to Candida to fool that ship's computer into giving control to Adny. He then begins a rebellion against the ruling Matriarchy.

Digital Dreams (edited by David V. Barrett), New English Library, 53150-3, 1990 (pp.259-279)

Everard's Ride, NESFA Press 0-915368-63-3 Trade); 0-915368-76-5 (boxed), February 1995

Joy, Dara, Knight of a Trillion Stars

Deana Jones, a wannabe science fiction writer, is fired from her day job just before she was planning on leaving for ConFrancisco, the 1993 World Science Fiction Convention in San Francisco. Upon arriving home, she finds a handsome alien male in her living room. She takes him to the convention and once there they go through a time-space rift back to his universe where the usual romantic events occur. The style reminds me very much of Sharon Green.

Dorchester Publishing Company Love Spell 0-505-52265-9, 1995

Jurasik, Peter and Keith, William H., Jr., Diplomatic Act

A secret Lunar station of Galactic Watchers has been observing the Earth. With their own Unity threatened by philosophical disputes, the aliens are searching for the lost race who set up the Unity. Some believe that this Elder race is guiding Earth's development. Actor Richard Faraday plays the role of Ambassador Harmon the Eldar in the TV program Star Peace. Some of the Watchers believe that he is truly an Eldar or controlled by them. So, they kidnap him leaving a disguised Watcher to play both his roles on Earth. It is not too surprising who the Eldar turn out to be.

Baen Starline 0-671-87788-7, August 1998

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